Saturday, August 18, 2007

Eight pillowcases!!

Life got away on me these past couple of weeks, but it tends to do that sometimes. Between family camping and more training at work I haven't had as much time for blogging or sewing or any of the fun stuff. Oops, family camping shouldn't have been included in the not fun stuff should it? ;-) Actually I mostly got to help get ready for camping and then pack up and come home. I did get a couple of lovely canoe rides in with my husband though.
Meanwhile, I needed to get going on pillowcases. I always make one for our girls roommates, and they each have a new roommate this year so I wanted to get that done, and the easy directions on the stashbusters list were so great that I sort of got carried away! I made each of the girls a new one also, and then I made one for the boyfriend, and then a couple for Vanessa who is still at home with me. That's her in the background. She got the cases pinned up and ready for the photo shoot. I think that is her "Ta Da" pose. ;-) These things are so addictive that I have 3 more cut and waiting to sew up. Guess what the extended family and friends are getting for Christmas this year????

Monday, August 6, 2007

Busy August

I swear, August is about the busiest month for me. We usually have our annual camping time with our friends, the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Band uniforms need to be altered, flags need to be made or fixed for color guard, and it's hot too.
If that sounded like a whine it was! ;-)
Right now I am missing most of the group camping since I can't take much time off from my new job. yes, another whine.
I did manage to finish making more of my swap blocks, they sort of snowballed, which is tough when they are stepping stones and bricks and not snowball blocks at all. Hmm, come to think of it snowball blocks would be a good alternate setting with these........
On the home front, my oldest daughters cat is ensconced (but not happily) in my bathroom. He is recovering from getting "fixed" and de-clawed. Not a very happy camper. Throw into the mix my cat, and the dog. Why do I have my daughters cat? Well, she got a new job, bar tending on a cruise ship in Hawaii. Wonder if she will still think of OUR summers as hot? ;-)
I also wonder if she will bring me fabric.............