Friday, November 18, 2011

laughing at your kids.

Do you remember laughing at the silly things your kids did when they were little?  I just realized that laughing at the silly things they do now that they are grown ups is just as much fun!
Here are Becky and Ben..............
sorry, not one of my better pictures, hang on!

............... yes, much better

And here is there puppy Boo....  with little Miss V

dang, another lousy shot.....
hang on again..........
yes, much better, now you can see her cute face. 
So, on to the laughing at your kids part.
Becky is the "momma" of Boo of course and a few weeks ago Boo had some uh, puppy tummy issues.......
if you have ever had a puppy (or a small child) you understand what this means.  Lots of washing of bed clothes and racing to get the puppy outside etc. etc.
So, fast forward a couple days to when miss V and the lovely DD#2 where spending the weekend with Becky.....  Off to the dog park to let little Boo play with all her new doggy friends.  This also means taking along all the puppy accompaniments.   At one point Boo did her "thing"  and Becky ran over to clean it up, she did the poo bag thing and then happily turned around and yelled across the dog park........... ready for it?

Little Miss V and DD#2 promptly turned around and pretended not to know her.

Friday, November 11, 2011

une mois! Mais oui!

I can't believe it's been a month since I blogged!!!  I've really been working at my french class, and believe you me, it's work for someone who hasn't been to school in ahem, 30 years, and who did not learn any foreign languages as a child.  Sesame street didn't exist in the stone age so I didn't even get a bit of Spanish!  Lest you think I have been toiling away solely on conjugation of french verbs, I have taken to sneaking ahead in the book and finding useful phrases for my future visit to La Belle Paris!
Je suis perdu
- I am lost
Peux-tu m'aider?
- can you help me?
Combien cela coŭte?
- how much is this?
Je voudrais une bouteille de vin rouge s'il vous plait.
-I would like a bottle of red wine please.
Je voudrias un autre, s'il vous plait.
-I would like another please.
J'ai besoin de grandes quantités de vin.
-I require vast quantities of wine.

All useful phrases right?
I found another online...
Aimez vous acheter de moi quelque cheveux voles?
-would you like to buy some stolen horses from me?
uh, oh... perhaps not so useful?

I can call everyone Ma petite chou.  My little cabbage.
yeah, I'll stick with that one.   That and the wine I think.
and since I don't like to blog without pictures here is a picture of me and my dad in honor of veterans day.
My dad served during the Korean "police conflict"   I'm very proud of him!