Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miss is confirmed!

Sorry about the darkness of this first picture, I'm not as brave about walking around during church and taking pictures as the big guy is.  When I get copies of his pictures I'll add his. 

Here is the lovely Miss V, the archbishop, and Miss V's sponsor who is also her godmother, my dear friend Cookie.  I know, she looks like she would be called Cookie doesn't she?

And here is the lovely Miss V with her lovely Gramma Jan.  I'm not sure who looks happier.  Little V told me later that she wished her grampa Bob could have been there, and I assured her that he most certainly WAS there.  (there was  huge thunderstorm during the celebration, and he loved thunderstorms)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mothers day update

This year for mothers day, the big guy surprised me with my very own digital camera!   I have had 3 digital cameras in the past, all hand me downs when someone else got better ones so this is super exciting for me!   the kids referred to my first digital camera as the "Flintstones camera" Sadly they weren't too far off the mark on that one.
Here is the first picture taken with it!  the big guy and little V

V taking a picture of me taking her picture. 
Warning............ this could get boring for you, I'm just sayin.

 Becky and a duck I found for her.  Don't ask.

Becky examining some pretty embroidered lines I found.

Becky hugging Kona.
Ben working.

Ben walking up the stairs.  followed by Ben asking Becky "why is your mom taking pictures of everything we do?"
Becky and Ben in dads den.

Becky and Ben being the power twins.

Becky explaining something to dad. Seriously, I took more than 100 pictures, aren't you glad to know I am not posting all of them...........

Becky "Mom, stop.  Seriously mom, stop."

"Dad, this is YOUR fault.  make her stop."

"Mom, we are leaving now."

Friday, May 13, 2011

Prom 2011

The Lovely Miss V had her junior prom last weekend.  That's her on the left and one of her bestest buds.
Miss V wanted a short dress so she could wear it for other things too.  Such a smartie pie!

The back view, because V loved her hair, and Christine had such a cool back on her dress.

They make my heart skip a beat!  Miss V asked our hair stylist for a "Marilyn Monroe" style.  I think she totally got it!  I love the little curl on her forehead!

Her date...

The grand march at school.  Our high school always does a grand march in the auditorium before they all head over to wherever prom is.  It allows parents to get lots of good pictures. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am a shoe disaster waiting to happen

I like shoes.  I won't say I like them as much as the next woman because that would be a big fat lie.  The thing I do like about shoes is that there is no shame in sizes.  If you gain a few pounds you don't have to sneak over to the women's section to see if they have anything that fits.  That being said, I don't have as many shoes as the average woman.  That would be because I am shoe impaired.  I try.  I do try, but I fail so often at this shoe thing. 
See these purply pink shoes?  These are my latest purply pink fail.
I walked around the store in them.  well okay, I walked up and down the shoe aisle in them.  Hey, I figured I could still totally rock the high heel thing!  I was going to be awesome at Easter.  Yeah, I can do this!  At home, well they seemed much higher than they did in the store and I couldn't keep the darn things on my feet!  hmm, maybe those athletic socks I had on in the store were a bad idea.
daughter number 3 is now the proud owner of these.

Blue suede shoes.  With peep toes!

and bows on the back!  I think it was the bows that sucked me in.
I've had these in the box for about 6 years.  Have I worn them?
one time. 
to church. 
where I sat down the entire time. 

Daughter number 2 wants these.
FAIL, Blue suede fail.

No one wants these!

The above ankle boots are my Christmas FAIL.
I think they make my feet look like the fetlocks on a Clydesdale.
sigh, a HORSEY FAIL.  
Daughter number 3 wants these too.

did I mention that these were a FAIL. 
I know I did, but I had to revisit them
because that toe detail still makes me want to think I could rock them.

These, these Birkies are the loves of my lives!  However many lives I have, they are the loves!  
No fail here!!!! 
These live in the place of honor in the closet when they are not on my feet.

not too bad, I can wear them, keep them on my feet and not feel horrible afterwords.  However, they do SOUND like a horse so they are not a total success either.  Still they can live in the closet.

ahhhhh comfy, almost as comfy as my Birkies.  These used to be white, but when they got stained I dyed them with humming bird food to make them pink.  Don't ask I have no idea why, some things you just go with.  These live in the closet.

These are a semi fail.  They are hand me ups from the lovely Miss V.  They are almost comfortable,  no arch support so not a real walking shoe.  High tops by definition are a bit of a pain to put on and take off, but look at the floral lining!  Sigh, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, so they live in my closet and I pretend I'll wear them some day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blast from the past?

If you tend to ramble around antique malls or thrift stores, or vintage shops you probably have been hit by a blast from your past so you know what I am talking about.  One day I was telling Miss V about the ceramic planters her grandma used to keep in the bathroom.  A little doggy and a rooster.  You took your toothbrush out of the rooster in the morning to brush your teeth, (roosters crow in the morning)  then you put it in the doggy (dogs howl at night) I think it was moms way of finding out if I brushed my teeth or not. I was thinking about that little doggy planter and just happened to do a search on etsy.  I sort of remembered what it looked like, and when this little guy popped up it was like going back in time!

He is the one!  I know, a face only a mother could love probably..........

but look at those wee flowers on his sides!  How sweet are they?

and there the one down his chubby little leg?  What is not to love? 
I am not relegating him to the bathroom though, nope not this momma.  He is sitting on my sewing table holding pens for me! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Olympian Art Show

The lovely Miss has two items in the Olympian Art Show this year.  The first is her interpretation of Marilyn Monroe.  I really love that she put colors in her skirt.  It's so neat to watch your kids grow and use their own ideas isn't it?

This is her second item

Her favorite "Chucks" 

Miss V is going through a Very Marilyn stage at the moment.

Well you are a captive audience so I get to show her as many times as I want right?  :-)

This picture is for her next oldest sister Becky.   Two thumbs up Beck!!!