Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring upcycle

I found this fabulous springy fabric at Goodwill. 
Sadly some company had already made it into a valence, but I rescued it and so far I have made 2 totebags out of it.
I think this is really what it was meant to be.

Now, to get going on the bedspread I found and turn it into a robe...................

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wheels!!! I have new WHEELS!!!!!!

New to me wheels!!                                                             And how happy am I??

I would have to say.............. pretty darn happy!                    
This is my view through my very own, and very first............. sun roof!!!    Now, take a whiff of the inside.......... yup, I think they sprayed it with new car smell.                                                                  
I'd be even happier if blogger would cooperate and let me write NEXT to the picture I'm talking about.  oh well, I'm still doin the happy dance and figuring out how much fabric this little baby will hold!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thoughts on Orange............

Orange is not my favorite color.
Never has been.
I don't even know why.  I don't recall any horrible run in with the color orange, no terrible nightmares of being chased by oranges.  I have no clue!  (yeah, that would be nothing new would it?) 
Even in my days as an art major I wasn't a fan of orange.  Once when I went out to buy paint supplies for a printmaking class I came back to my dorm room only to realize that I had NOT gotten the orange I would need for the complete collection.  My roommate called it a Freudian slip.  See, we did pay attention in class! 
I've been wearing my orange MS bracelet shown in this picture for most of this week.  I'm wearing it in honor and support of Karen, or the Lady as I call her.  Her beautiful blog is here
So, since I've been wearing this orange bracelet I've been working on my mindset on orange and I decided it's probably wrong of me to dislike a color so much and call myself an artist.  And yes, I do call myself an artist.  Hello!  95.81% of us ARE artists so it's just silly to deny it.
Anyway, my aim in the near future is to do something in orange.
This is going to be difficult for me in more ways than one.  I'd show you my orange stash, but there are two small problems.  1) I seem to have unformatted my digital picture card somehow, and 2) I have the smallest orange stash you can imagine.  Espcecially if you can imagine two pieces both smaller than a fat quarter.  I mean together they are still much smaller than a fat quarter.
I'm working on it,  Well, I WILL work on it.  In the meantime you can all send me a fat quarter of your favorite orange fabric!   Oh well, I had to try didn't I?
What are your thoughts on color?  Do you have a color that you just don't like?  Have you ever made yourself use it on purpose?  WHY????  ;-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

All Gone!

Carlos went inactive yesterday morning at 7:00 am.
Miss V held him anyway!  She got so used to having him around she didn't leave him in the truck when we stopped for coffee on the way to school!

oh boy.

yeah, you guessed it, she cried.
Well, he was pretty cute.

oh yeah, especially at 1:00 in the morning!!!!


and yes, he made a sucking sound when he was feeding. 

Perhaps they made him too cute? 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3 and counting!

The little mommy is doing pretty darn good with this baby stuff.  She has pretty much figured out what he needs now, and she can change a diaper in the blink of an eye!
This morning she was excited because he got up early enough and his feeding and changing and burping were done in time for her to fix her hair and makeup! 
Two nights in a row getting up with him at some point and she is getting tired!  the lovely V fell asleep during fourth block today!  hee heee
Tomorrow morning Carlos turns off at 7 and she will have to hand him in.  She's going to miss him, but I think she is also going to be ready for a full nights sleep! 
Then she tells me she can get extra credit by having him over Easter Break!!!!!  Yikes!  Let me think for a minute here about how many days and nights that is.................

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day number two with baby Carlos.

Honest, this doll is the best invention since beer!  I kid you not!  KID! get it??  arrr arrr
okay, sorry, I digress.
Last evening Carlos went off at THE PERFECT TIME!!!  I am not kidding, this is definately an OMG!!!!  Miss V was in the middle of her nightly shower!  Yes! She had to get out of the shower, dripping shampoo and water everywhere and take care of the baby while trying to keep her towel on!!!!  And Carlos, bless him, did NOT make it easy for her!  I was totally dying as she was trying to figure out what he needed!  Turns out he needed it all!  Diaper, bottle (15 minutes of sucking and "how much do these kids eat?') and then burping!  Yes they burp! These babies are high tech.  Too funny!  After about 45 minutes which probably felt to V like 45 hours, he settled down and she could go back in the shower and wash the dried on shampoo out!  I'll pause while all the mothers finish laughing and pick themselves up off the floor...............
Better?  oh yeah, you with the 6 month old there, go ahead finish...............
Now that we are all back in our chairs............
He went to sleep, yup , they do that.  They make the most adorable little sighing sounds when they are "sleeping"  I told you these things were high tech didn't I? 
So The lovely Miss V and the adorable Carlos tucked in for the night.
Bwaaaa Haaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
until 1:00 am
When Carlos cried.
And needed a diaper change.
And a feeding.
And a burping.
And some cuddling.
Lord I'm really starting to like this doll!~
And then there was the 5:30 wake up crying...............
yeah, it's sweet!!!!!!!
I'll keep you updated.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a boy!

See this bracelet?  It's sort of like a house arrest bracelet.  For the lovely Miss V.
Except she isn't linked to the house, she is linked to this little guy............

It's baby time for childcare and development class.
How fun is this?  The cat is a bit interested as you can see, and even though Miss V normally spoils that big ball of fur beyond my comprehension, he is getting ousted quite quickly!  He was allowed to be near HER baby for this picture and then he was rather unceremoniously escorted out the door! 

And here is the little momma with her baby Carlos! 
Think she is already attached?  yeah, me too.  This could get ugly.  Maybe he'll cry a lot during the night................

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giving it a go again!

Okay I'm going to give this another try.  I couldn't use the microsoft writer.  I tried downloading it 3 times, which probably has made my laptop worse for the wear.  Seems a year or so ago a well meaning college child uploaded something to my computer to upgrade or something, however it was a student program so now I have issues because it's not "genuine" for my laptop.  I often think I could be much more literate if I didn't have so much help!!!  yeah, that was worth 3 exclamation points right?  Soooooooooooo, I have been sewing and creating even if my bloggy friends couldn't see.  sorry, and it's nice to know you missed me!!!  I worked out the kinks in a kindle case.  It took me approximately 7 tries to get it just right so here are some of my versions.  The first one was a bit large, the top picture of my selvages one.  so I worked out how to make it a bit snugger.  This second picture shows the insde of the current version, with straps to put the kindle cover through.  This is actually the one I'm using at the moment, unfortunately I can't seem to find the "fixed" version of the selvage one.  Story of my life!
and here we have reuseable java jackets.   I've been bugged for some time by a barista friend to make these for sale at my favorite coffee shop.  I didn't go through as many versions as my kindle case that's for sure!!! Only about 3.  These are made from wool felt so they will absorb spills, not ravel, and still give a nice good padding between hands and cups.  

 And since I could finally upload pictures but not get them to go in the order I wanted, here is the front cover of my kindle case...............

I meant to show the back cover too, it has a pocket for the charging cord, but I seem to have missed taking that picture so I can't even blame that one on blogger or my laptop. 
whew, this was sort of painful for me, I think I'll go sew!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am about ready to give up blogging! I have been trying to update for a couple of weeks since it's been ridiculously long since I posted, but I can't get pictures to upload!!! Major GRRRRR