Friday, June 24, 2011

good bye old tree

Over the winter with the big storms we had we lost much of our big old pine tree.  We were very lucky we didn't lose it into the side of the house.  It's a bit hard to tell in this picture which I took last month or so, but most of the top was gone and we cleared away what we could.
Then we hired a tree professional to come and take it the rest of the way down since there was no way we could do that without risking life, limb. ours not the tree's, and home. 

So there is is mostly cut up.  Very wet and very sappy so it's going to wait a while before we attempt any wood splitting.

 So, ever find anyone kind of different in your plants?

It happens to us all the time.................

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A photo shoot for the Green seniors

We went camping last week with most of the extended family.  Miss V has a cousin the lovely Rachel who is 10 months younger than she is - the Irish twins of the family.  They are both now officially seniors so we started on some senior pictures.
We started on the day we packed up to come home since it was rainy and gray and cold for the entire first 9/10 of the weekend! 

This is Max, Rachel's chocolate lab.  Max is a crazy dog.  We did not bring our stinky skunk smelling dog along.  The tomato juice baths helped.............. but not entirely.

This is the girls uncle Bill getting in on the act.  Bill is the biggest outdoors man hunter guy we know.  He hunts with Ted Nugent - I'm not kidding, he does.  Anyway, Bill gave me a "recipe" for getting rid of the skunk smell "for ever".  Which I tried when we got home. 
Which did not work.
Kona has an appointment with the spa ladies at Petco on Sunday.

And here are the lovin cousins.  Sooooooooo old already!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go ahead, take a wild guess..............

Anyone wonder what I was doing with these items at 5:00 in the morning?
Really, anyone wonder?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Remember Gloves?

Remember gloves? Back in the day when ladies didn't wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, gloves were such an essential part of being "dressed". 

As a child I wore gloves to church, but I can't remember if I was as entranced with them back then.  I had to wear a little lace doily thing on my head too, and I can tell you that did NOT entrance me, especially the bobby pin stuck straight into my scalp to secure the darn thing!

But I can tell you now, that cotton gloves with little feminine touches entrance me totally....
I have been dallying with them at vintage clothing shops, and antique malls for months.

And, as you can see, I've been buying a few here and there too............
What entrances you?