Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day and OMG!!

First I have to salute my big guy, I think he's the best and I'm glad we got to spend Fathers Day spoiling him.
Sadly my own dad is too far away to run over for an hour to hug and kiss him and say Happy Fathers day.
Next is the OMG part of this post................

Here is another great dad. Happy Fathers Day to my brother in law Bill.
See these big honking hogs??? He took his two oldest girls for a father daughter hunt in Michigan that Ted Nugent hosts.
Yes, THE Ted Nugent.
These girls are 12.
Yikes!!!!! Now do I make them camouflage quilts or do I try to "girl" them up a bit????

Monday, June 15, 2009

First camping of the season

Well, I don't have much in the way of pictures from this past weekend.
but here are some fishing pictures I managed to get from shore.
Yes, the big guy is wearing a quilted flannel shirt.
but don't be fooled, he had a sweatshirt and a long sleeved t-shirt under it so he was warm enough!

The guys went out early Saturday morning, and I made coffee.
Then I decided to confuse them by being really nice and putting some in travel mugs for them, that's what enticed them close enough to shore for me to get these pictures.
The pictures you don't see, are of the lovely Miss V and I bathing in the river.
all I can say is.............
we stuck a thermometer in the water (after I had braved it) and it showed 72 degrees.
But it was an awesome relaxing weekend. (after the frostbite thawed)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bag Lady does Physical Therapy

Well, I'm sewing again. I tried quilting some free motion stuff and it's a bit dicey. Of course I can blame the jerkiness on my rotator cuff issue.
I am working on cutting out and sewing up bags. I figure it's sort of like physical therapy, but cheaper. Well, maybe not with the number of bags I've been working on, however I had already bought most of the fabric, and once it's in the stash it no longer counts as an expense right?
My logic amazes even me sometimes.
Here is my tropical flowers bag, actually this one was ordered!! yeah! ONE paying job!

Seashells bag ..
I'd like to do some of these with mesh bottoms for actually picking up stuff at the beach, but I haven't gotten to Fleet Farm to get the window screen stuff yet.

Shell bag number two,
same ideas as above. I better go check to see if I have any shell fabric left...............

This is my current work bag. We've been getting a lot of rain here in Wisconsin.
I put a zipper in the top so that when it falls off the seat I don't lose all my work stuff
I have also learned that I have to have one of these bags at work because my coworkers become disappointed when I bring a boring one color bag. I'd hate to be the one to blame for their poor attitudes at work..........

Fruit bag.
Just because
kinda cute

Cows and poppies!!!
OMG! yes I did just type OMG!!
I love this fabric
I have no idea why except that I see a lot of cows around here.
not so many poppies though.
Why do they seem French to me?
Free association............. my forte!

Ha! the Banana Bag!!!
How funny is this one????
Remember Bananarama?
They were terrible weren't they?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bird Watching

One of my favorite things to do is to sit on the porch and drink my morning coffee and watch the birds.
Cassie, the tiny cat loves to do this too.
Sometimes her jaw quivers.
That wold be why she is harnessed to an anchor on the porch!

I'm not a National Geographic quality photographer, but here are some of my morning shots one day
The bird hanging onto the rod of the long sock feeder is an elusive bluebird.
He, and I'm sure it's a he since he is so pretty, doesn't like to have his picture taken so this is as good as it gets.
Usually these socks are full of Goldfinches, but I never seem to have my camera to get a good shot for you.

In the tray feeder is Mr. Cardinal.
He is gorgeous, and I think he knows it.
We also have 2 pairs of woodpeckers, they are either the Downy or the Hairy ones. Pretty red heads and black and white markings.
Just the colors Miss V is using in her next quilt!
There is also a pair of hummingbirds and some Orioles, along with all the usual Wisconsin birds, Chick a Dees, Mourning Doves, Barn Swallows, Red Wing Blackbirds.

And then we have this guy, a Golden Pheasant.
In case you were wondering, Golden Pheasants are not native to Wisconsin. We are assuming he escaped from someone who raises birds.
He is a beautiful fellow, until he opens his mouth.
His call sounds like a rusty gate. We refer to him as Rusty now.
Rusty decided about 3 or 4 weeks ago to take up residence in our windbreak. He comes out in the mornings and evenings to clean up under the bird feeders, give his (?) mating call, and ruffle his feathers loudly.
so far, he has had no luck getting any girl pheasants to come over for sunflower seeds.