Friday, October 24, 2008

New laptop, and no real pictures!

I'm getting used to my new lap top, which is why it's been a while since I posted. Another issue is that my "Flintstones" digital camera isn't able to connect to my new computer and I really hate to post without pictures, that's sort of boring. See these pies? I made 2 pumpkin and one apple pie today for Jim to take to work tomorrow for treats. Luckily for me it's super easy to find pictures on the Internet so I could download pictures of any pie I wanted! I should however, warn you that if you are going to do a search for "pictures of pie" you will certainly find some pictures that are not acceptable to post on a blog mainly dedicated to quilting............ enough said? yeah, you get the picture- well, no you didn't because I didn't think they were appropriate.

My other happy news is that my sewing machine is back home where she belongs! I tried to find a picture of her online, but the Viking site skipped right from the model 435 to model 535 and my sweet baby is a 500. Well, a copied picture wouldn't do my baby justice anyway since she has a lot of stickers from when Miss V was very small and stickers were the ultimate compliment from her. Fortunately I was given a loaner sewing machine, however it only came with ONE bobbin! Pretty much a pain for changing thread colors.

Meanwhile Miss V's high school is putting on Jesus Christ Superstar. Our oldest daughter is stage manager so for the first time in their lives they are in the same school together! Jes is 25 and Miss V is 14 so they haven't had much bonding time since V was a toddler and obviously so adorable that no one could set her down! ;-)
Hopefully soon we will figure out a way to patch my camera in here and I can do some show and tell on bags and quilts and costumes! I really am getting a few things done in my sewing room!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Update~~

But not with Dennis Miller!

Another busy weekend and I think we are caught up on laundry (now that it's Wednesday evening)

So, daughter number 2 was in "My Fair Lady" in Eau Claire, and of course we need to go see this spectacle!
Here she is being "saucy" during a dance number. That's her in the green sweater

And here we have more sauciness......... is that a word??

Excuse the horrible stage lighting, we were in the front row seats and my fabulous father in law took these with his thumb over the viewfinder so that no camera lights would show!!
Here she is as the Queen of Transylvania! Okay not a huge part, but she wears it well!!

The stage lights were very RED!!

here we have the racing scene at Ascot...... she looks fabulous in that hat!!!

And finally the actress letting miss V try out another hat.
What a fabulous weekend, I did the driving, and let my in laws ride along and gaze at all the gorgeous trees and chat chat chat. Poor Jim had to work on Sunday so he didn't get to come along. And poor me, hotel rooms aren't that much fun when you are alone. OH well, I got to play with the remote and scroll through 77 channels, which is only 66 more than we have at home! And there wasn't much I really wanted to watch on those extra ones!
On the home front I took my sewing machine in for a nice spa week at the tune up place and..............
I MISS HER!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We had a great weekend at UW- Platteville! It was homecoming (we won't mention the game here) and it was FUN!!! First and best we got to see Becky, and see her perform with the marching band.
Here comes the band!!

Is it only in Wisconsin where you will see weird things in the parades? I could have taken about 12 pictures of tractors and lawn mowers, and honestly if it had been colder there would have been a group of guys with their snow blowers. But instead I got this picture of a tree. Yes, a tree. I know, it might be explained by the high drinking percentages in Wisconsin, or we just might be total hicks.

Here is our Becky!!! with mom! I sort of look like I have a weird halo coming out of my head don't I?

UW-Platteville started out as a state normal school in the 1800's and then went on to become a big mining school.
On a hill east of town is the worlds largest M. For mining.
I kid you not, they went to the Colorado School of Mining- which also has a big M, to make sure they made Plattevilles bigger. Anyway, every homecoming week the engineering majors and mining majors whitewash this huge M - it's made of rock on the side of the hill- and then homecoming night they light it up.
Here is is in all it's night time glory! Miss V took this picture for me, I'm not sure why it's on it's side, but you have to know Miss V to understand anything she does.

There are some pictures of the half time show on Jim's camera, mine got tired after the parade

Friday, October 3, 2008

I survived the week!

I did survive, and things did get better. ;-)

We are now getting ready for college homecoming for daughter number 3. I am hoping to get some good pictures this weekend to share.
In the meantime, here are some gorgeous clouds! I love clouds.

And because I love pictures on blogs.............

here are some high top, REALLY high top- shoes that the lovely Miss V designed. I think she could do fabric design too!

Here she is making an original design for low cuts..........

and the finished product!