Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Far is TOO Far?

Can a person take recycling too far? 
It's important, is it not, to do our part to save the earth from too much plastic in our landfills.  Is there a huge difference between being responsible and being, uh, over the top?
 Does this tote bag put me in the latter category?
If you think it does, perhaps I shouldn't post the pictures of the ones I made from the birdseed bags, or the extra Tyvec the carpenters were going to throw away last summer..............
huh?  perhaps?

Friday, May 7, 2010

TWO college graduates!!!!

We are headed out to our second college graduation within 6 months!
This time it's Becky - on the left- She is graduating with a Criminal Justice Major and a minor in psychology.
TWO graduates int he family!!!
And since I've bragged to everyone else who would listen, Lissa- on the right just got a FULL TIME teaching position at the high school level!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Recipe of sorts

Wow, so I got requests for the "recipe" for those burger cookies on here, on facebook, at work and from V's friends at school!
It's pretty easy people, here goes:

Nilla wafers for the buns
Thin mint cookies for the burger - I used the Keebler kind because they are bumpier and look more like meat
left over dyed green coconut from Easter  ;-)
red and yellow icing.  Buy it at the grocery store, the stuff they have out now for sugar cookies works good because it dries kind of shiny.
Stick a mint cookie to the bottom of one Nilla wafer with some icing,
put this Nilla side down, then squeeze some red and yellow icing on to the edges of the mint cookie
put some icing on the bottom of another Nilla wafer (I used some green icing left over from St Patricks day for this part) and smoosh it in the green coconut,
then smoosh it on top of the mint cookie to make some of the yellow and red icing run down the side.
Viola! burger cookies.
You could set up a good assembly line if you have helpers!