Friday, May 29, 2009

$22.00 for TWO CUPS OF COFFEE?????

Alternate title, "what was I thinking?"
" Do I EVER think?"
"The real cost of going green."
"Don't skip the first cup of coffee"
Sigh. so $22.00 seems a bit high for two cups of coffee. I realize that. However, and you knew there WOULD be a however-
I was on my way to work, and (gasp) I had forgotten to bring a travel mug for my morning stop for coffee.
I know this probably doesn't seem like much of a big deal, but you see I have been trying to NOT use disposable cups. As a point of fact I have only used THREE of them since last September. So, you see, it's getting to be a sort of challenge for me.
Since it's a bit of a drive from where we live (the middle of nowhere) to work I had plenty of time to think this out.
I had some options:
1. Skip the coffee--- no good, not today. I had missed my first cup at home and I was working at my biggest work site today, plus there was that physical therapy appointment at noon. Definitely NEED coffee.
2. Just use a damn disposable cup. Certainly a possibility but, well, you know the but. Only THREE since LAST September.
3. Stop at the local gift shop that also makes coffee and happens to be next door to the hospital (my work site for the day) and get (another) travel mug.
Choice 3 was the most tempting, and if I keep the travel mug in my work bag............... no one (read that as husband) will have to know that I bought yet another.
Yes! Okay, option 3.
Find a nice looking travel mug. Explain to the nice lady at the counter that I'd like it rinsed out so I can get coffee in it. As she is rinsing it out, I say "well, I think I'll make it an iced latte instead". She rinses the cup and lid and while I am gazing dumbly around, she makes the iced latte, and hands me the (gasp) disposable cup with my latte and the clean cup for a coffee!!!
Yikes! Not that two coffee's is a problem, but this just totally destroyed my reason for BUYING the travel mug.
So I pay for the nice mug, a coffee refill, and an iced latte in a disposable cup. FOUR disposabel cups since last September. sigh.
I sorta feel like I'm in a Seinfeld episode.
I guess that's okay, unless Kraemer comes sliding in the door without knocking.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

not much happening

So, I'm, not doing much sewing, or quilting, or much to blog about. I did plant some flower beds with my left hand only, and if the flowers decide to bloom I will post pictures............ but in the meantime, between moving kids from college and planting those left handed flowers, I mean, planting those flowers with my left hand, I was introduced to one of the funniest blogs ever.


Cake Wrecks. There are some cake wrecks that made me laugh until I cried! Literally! I was late picking Miss V up from a school dance because each one was starting to be more funny than the last so I had to keep going, right? the pictures I have here are not from that blog, they were free on the Internet and I stuck them here just because I hate to post without a picture, and (fortunately) all my personal cake wrecks that I have made in 25 years of making birthday cakes for my children, well, they have eaten all the evidence. thanks girls!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here We Go Again

Since everyone did so good sharing their opinions (even Cow Guy!!) on my peas and carrots blocks. --- Which, by the way, I now totally hate and despise.
The blocks, not the opinions. Why did I ever think I would like anything that I put orange in???? I should KNOW better by now!
Well, enough of THAT. Here are some very antique blocks that I inherited from my mother in law, who found them in her mothers cedar chest. These were most likely made by my mother in laws, grandmother! Now how cool is that?

I am totally lucky that I am the only one on this side of the family that has any quilting inclinations!
Here is the pile of bow tie blocks. Keep in mind, the fabrics are very old, and not wonderful by any means. There are stains, and since they are all hand pieced there are a few different sizes.
Suggestions!!!! PLEASE!!!
Do I border them all with unbleached muslin, since that won't fight with them, and then square them all to the same size and sew them together that way? I hate to cut into them at all, I mean they are a treasure after all. I'm thinking it will just be a wallhanging size anyway since the fabrics aren't really sturdy enough anymore to be used. But I feel like this woman, whom I never knew, might like me to do something with them. I mean heavens, she pieced some of the bow tie centers when the scraps were obviously not big enough!!!
okay, go for it. Let me know what you think, and if anyone has done something like this tell me ALL about it. As you can see from the first photo, I have several more piles to go through!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

blocks and links

So, here are the peas and carrots blocks I worked on quite some time ago! Since sewing has been out for the last 6 weeks, I've been playing with blocks on my design wall.
Ignore the heart blocks, those are for something else.
Here are the blocks sort of close together on blue.

here are the blocks spaced further apart on blue......
I kind of like them further apart.

Here they are on white, with other connector blocks. I'm not sure I like them on white, I think they show up better on the blue.
and I'm not too sure about the connector blocks either, it sort of looks too busy don't you think? Or actually what does everyone think? Please tell me, it's not like I'll go by what anyone says anyway! ;-) but I do like to read opinions!
now here are some links from my friend Trudy. You met her a few posts ago when she picked my winner. quilting and sewing tips and fun stuff diet tips and links etc.
and this one is just aimed at women in general.
check them out and see what you think!