Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mosquitoes are good for something

See all these grocery bags I've made lately? There are more that I have already given to people and two of the bags in back each have 4 more bags rolled up inside them. Over achiever huh? The mosquitoes are sooooooooooooo BAD here that I can't go out to work in my yarden, and just taking the dog for her walk is sheer torture. They bit through everything I put on, and they laugh at the deep woods off with 40% deet. So, at least I'm getting some little sewing projects done.

This is what is left from my Bag Lady inventory at the local craft shop. The owner is moving to Florida and I'm going to attempt to sell online.
At least I've got a good start on supplies! I hope where ever you are, the mosquitoes are leaving you alone!

I have a new blessing I say to Jim as he leaves for work; "May you walk fast enough that you get to your car before the mosquitoes know you are there."
Sadly, no one can walk that fast!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff

Isn't it funny how you always think that things will slow down in the summer and instead they shift up to warp speed! Where are those "lazy crazy hazy days of summer" we heard about as kids? They are not happening here! I was 13 days behind on my 365 challenge quilt and I haven't posted in weeks!!!

We packed up and went camping for Fathers Day with Jim's side of the family.
So, it was fairly easy because we picked a state park that is about 18 miles from home so I could come home and walk the dog and feed the animals, and actually I went to work one day in the middle because it was just easier than getting someone to do my site that day.

We can NEVER go camping without lightsticks.
These are Jim's favorite camping treat to give out to little ( and big) kids.

Ahhh campfire. The best.

Camping potatoes,
which made the whole trip worthwhile for my brother in law.
It should have been two thumbs up but I was hanging onto a knife.

The gorgeous beach at the park. Isn't Lake Michigan fantastic?

During part of our camp trip Vanessa attended Camp Franciscan at our local Franciscan convent. Check out her with one of her favorite "sisters". We sure do have the coolest nuns in our area!
They did art and gardening, music and games, and of course lots of prayer time. Vanessa said one of the neatest things was doing a "Hail Mary" walk in the moonlight. And it was a full moon so it was great timing!

And here is my treasure this past week! Look at all this fabulous chicken fabric from my blog buddy Gizmo!!!

I think I will be making that funky chicken quilt after all! Isn't this a fabulous thing to find in the mail? Yup I am totally lucky!

Monday, June 9, 2008

oh my aching everything!

This past week Vanessa graduated 8th grade, and we moved TWO kids back to school.
Here is my baby in her graduation finery and a balloon, I'm not sure why the balloon, but I have learned not to question things.

I know, it seems a bit early doesn't it? Well, one has an on campus job and is taking a summer course and the other just got laid off- yes you read that right from her summer factory job. So, since they both have off campus housing now we moved them back.

On Tuesday we moved Becky back to Platteville, see this pretty house?

It's not theirs. But isn't it a nice view?

This is their house, 2 girls and 2 boys, and they have plenty of room! Plus they have that pretty house to look at across the street!

and here is Becky with one of the roommates- or housemates, and her boyfriend Ben. This was our favorite pizza place when Jim and I were going to school here. ahhhhhhhhh memories?

Then we moved daughter number 2. She doesn't have a job yet, but I'm sure there will be many more opportunities for work in a city as opposed to out in the middle of nowhere, which is where we live.
See this pretty house? Nope, not theirs either, but another nice view.
Yeah, it's a trend with me.

So here is Melissa before we moved her stuff into her room. I didn't get an "after" picture because the room was so small we all had to leave so she could make her bed. I'm not kidding on that one.

This is their half of a house. Looks a bit strange doesn't it? It goes back several rooms, and sort of EL's into the big house that it's attached to. It's actually rather charming on the inside. I think it was added on in the 50's from looking at the tiles and the cabinetry. So, many boxes, beds, desks, and chairs later we have them both moved in, in two different cities, and now the house is almost empty again. And on the bright side we won't have to do all this in August with 81 other parents trying to use our same parking spot.