Monday, August 30, 2010

Chair tour 2010

Here we have a little ice cream parlor chair that was mine when I was a yung un.  Mostly it had an antique doll sitting on it.  I suppose I should refinish it, this pink is pretty bad.
This picture is to show you how really little it is, the foot, which happens to be mine is a size 8.
My favorite little red chair from my childhood.  Isn't it the nicest little thing?  I always loved this one, it was quite comfortable too.
Now it makes a perfect spot to set aside a book (please once again, ignore the dust on the rungs) it's also handy when a little one stops by for a visit and they need a spot to sit their little bum on.
Our piano chair, (ignore the shoes and the dog please) This is from a set of 8 that we inherited along with the big guys grandmas Duncan Phyfe table.  Harp back chairs and so pretty and graceful, just like the table.

Here is our vintage high chair, this one was used for the big guys dad, the big guy and all his siblings, and all our babies.  It has gone from white with red accents, to brown with white accents and back to wood grain.  And yes, the upholstery you see next to it is indeed yet another chair in our store room.
And does this chair look uncomfortable to you?  Yeah, it kinda is.  I found out that it was the chair that novices had to sit in when they were called before the Mother Superior for discipline at a convent.   How charming!!  again, the dust, you know what to do.  Either ignore it, or come over and get a rag out of the cleaning closet and take care of it.  thanks.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

more chairs

This is my dads chair from when I was growing up.  It's kind of a captains chair, with the arm rests. 
here is a back detail.........
This was moms chair which matches dads, but without the armrests.
and the back detail............. complete with dust.
Luckily I got to keep these and now they are part of my chair collection. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Chairs chairs everywhere

My good friend Susan at  posted about covering her sewing chair seat which got me thinking about my own love of chairs.  I don't know why I like chairs, but there it is, I  like them.  They have to have redeeming value however, such as interesting, a good history, or provenance.  heh heh  So, here is a tour of some of my favorite chairs............
First we have my sewing chair.  This one is a very vintage office chair that is sturdy beyond belief and amazingly comfortable.

here is the pretty bottom of it...........
Then we have my "computer" chair.  My computer is a lap top that pretty much stays on top of a very old radio stand (with the guts removed) 
My computer chair is a vintage wooden folding chair.  It has awesome "bones" and it's also rather comfortable. 
This is what the seat looks like under the pad.  Isn't it pretty?
If you like chairs tune in for my next post where I'll introduce you to my two very small chairs and one that came from a nun's office. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

pre sewing update pictures................

Since I don't have any current pictures of my sewing projects I thought I'd share a quick couple of camping pictures.................
I tried getting Kona to go in my kayak with me for a few days.  She sat on it with me for a little while, but then she jumped over the side and pulled me up river chasing something in the bushes.
Meanwhile, Jim came in from a short kayak trip and she swam out to him and jumped right in HIS kayak!!!