Sunday, September 18, 2011

Salut mon amis!

Viola! La Crepe! 

Il est petite Nicolas!
Seriously how much do I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class!!!!!!  no I did not make the crepe in the picture, but I did eat it!  Petite Nicolas is a French cartoon character who is similar to Charlie Brown.  He is a happy go lucky little guy, kind of from back in the 50s so very much like Charlie Brown. 
Class is going well, but way too fast!  Before I know it the hour is over and I have to race to work.  Sigh.  I hope the traditional students have some un peu idea of how LUCKY they are to do this full time!!! 
I will check in with my wonderful bloggy friends every chance I get, but you know us Non Trads (non traditional students) have to study harder than the yung uns!!!  ;-) thanks for ALL the wonderful wishes and comments!  I do think of my bloggy friends and often tell myself, get a picture of that and share it with them!! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

An advance appology for a lack of posts

There may be a decrease in posts for the near future.  I have decided to continue my education!  I dropped out of college back in 1983 to raise a family and it seemed there was never a good time while the girls were small to go back.  Then it seemed like there was not enough money when they were in high school (catholic) and college to go back.  Somehow the time has come!  I am starting slow with just one course this semester.   But I am pretty excited.  I'm (re)taking French 101.  Class has CHANGED SO MUCH IN 30 YEARS!!!  
The big guy and the girls are all very supportive and happy for me.  Which helps a lot.  Also, sit down and get out the kleenex...............  Daughters number 2 &3 who have careers in their chosen fields post graduation had secretly opened and "moms college account" for me!!! 

yes, they really did this for me!  They had enough in there for this semesters 4 credit class and one for next semester too!  I am overwhelmed and excited and every good emotion you can imagine!!!!