Saturday, November 20, 2010

The gingerbread housing project has begun

The first Gingerbread house party of the season.  This is the party I get invited to, it kicks off the whole season!
Here is a John Deere theme house, I know, around here people would think it was a Packer house, but check out the little John Deere tractor and hay wagon!
Here is my pastel beauty this year. 

Look at this fabulous one with the mirror ice rink!!!  I love this idea, I'll have to try that, and see the chocolate rocks around the "ice"  how cool is that?  The builder was worried about the tall tree to the front here, she thought it might fall over, I told her it's okay if it does, then just put an axe next to it and make a woodpile out of more pretzel rods!

This lovely builder liked the pastel idea so she went with my theme too.  ;-)

This builder went with everything candy theme............. yum!

This builder was on a short time limit and she popped this together in about 30 minutes before she had to leave for work!

Love the chimney on this one!  tooo cute!

And here is the most fun, a trailer trash theme!!! She wasn't finished when I took this picture, if you look hard you can see a toilet and a TV in the back yard, and then she was working on putting a little car ornament up on blocks!   
Come on back sometime after next Saturday when I host my nieces and nephews and all my kids for the big Green Family house party!  13 kids all together, not sure if 2 of the boys will participate, might not be quite cool enough for them, but that's okay, more candy for the rest of them!  Then in December I'm doing more houses for the girl scouts! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

bag handles

So, here is the tubing and connectors that I mentioned in a previous post.  All this was found at Lowes.  Yay for building supplies!  (and husbands with a Lowes card)
Here is the handy dandy tool that is most helpful in cutting the tubing without destroying your hands.

Looks a bit like a mechanical dinosaur doesn't it?

Here I am cutting the tubing, well pretending to cut the tubing for your benefit, since it takes a longer piece to make a handle.
It's helpful, though not totally necessary to make Whonk Whonk sounds as the tool cuts through.... 

And here is the latest ruffle bottom bag, which just happens to be available in my Etsy shop~