Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a contest!

asked how I tore my rotator cuff, then she made an interesting guess as to how it happened. I liked her story much better than the true one. I've been trying to come up with something that is interesting, but so far nothing has tripped my trigger so to speak.
Thus, a contest!
Whoever of my lovely blogging friends can come up with the best story will win this nice totebag I made last weekend, with my poor sore shoulder I might add. Okay, yeah, I actually used a sewing machine, but you get the idea. I plan to use a totally impartial judge who will be introduced at a later date.
I'm not sure when this contest will end since I'm not sure how much pain killers I'll be wanting. If you read that as "shots of Jack Daniels" that works too.
So, give me a GOOD story to tell people!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Loser Monday or Lost and Found Again!

Okay I have pretty much sucked at this whole loser thing. Since January I lost 8 pounds.

Then I found them again. Apparently they missed me a lot.

I have also sucked at checking in on Mondays to point out my shortcomings. Perhaps those who remember my cookies on the treadmill blog would kindly and helpfully point out that maybe, just maybe I have not been very serious about the whole thing.

I think, in my own defense, that thinking about dieting just screws me over. I think (and it doesn't happen too often) that maybe I would do better to not think so much. see there I go, thinking again.
Is anyone still with me? I thought not.

Hey! does that mean I actually LOST something???

woo hoo me!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bags, boots, and books

Another bag finished. I love this cool tree print!! I even put a zipper in the top of this one so I can use it as a purse too.

Not a lot going on around here, in the sewing room I mean.
Outside there is a lot going on.
A lot of MELTING SNOW!!!!

Enough melting snow, that I have (temporarily) put my snow boots away!!
I'm not dumb enough to think that Wisconsin weather isn't going to give us a bit more snow yet this spring, but there is always hope
Meanwhile, we have our COOL new water boots out. I showed these off a few posts ago, well my cool green dot ones anyway. About 8 hours after those pictures of me in my boots in the water, we had about 6 more inches of snow and the water froze.
yeah, that's Wisconsin weather. Miss V got the cool black ones with the multicolored dots. I think there is a quilt in this somewhere............

Pretty soon I will be banned from my sewing room for about 6 weeks. I'm having my right rotator cuff fixed. sigh. But to tide me over, I stopped at the library book sale and got all these great books for less than $7.00! And since there is a quilt shop next to the library........... and since that quilt shop has a clearance rack................. well, look what was there!!! The black has actually already been used for a backing. The coffee just had to come home with me because well, I love coffee! So for a few weeks I can go through my quilt books and magazines and dream up new UFO's.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Look at these AWESOME socks that Paula made!! And the best part is she sent them to ME!!
Visit Paula's blog here............ http://thequilter.blogspot.com/
go ahead, she's TALENTED and friendly and sweet!

but before you go to her spot, check these things out!!
They have the neatest little stripes, and see those heels??

I am sooooooooo amazed that people can knit. It just astounds me that someone can take two pointy sticks and some yarn and make something useful! and beautiful!!!
I did TRY to learn to knit, back in my relatively distant youth. I took handworks classes one summer, you know summer school to keep kids busy? Remember those days? I was a country kid, so my mother probably signed me up so I'd do something other than play in the creek and read books all day

And look how well they fit me!!!!
I love love love these beauties!
plus they have passed the CAT scan.............

And the LAB work!
thank you Paula! they are simply wonderful!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Unfortunately Game

There are times when you just feel like idling away a bit. If you have a computer handy and you are online. try the Unfortunately game. You go to google, and type in "unfortunately, your name" make sure you put in the quotation marks too.then see what comes up... Some of them are pretty funny, and some are kind of bizarre.

unfortunately Mary was considered to be illegitimate ... I hope nobody tells my mother!
Unfortunately, Mary died in 1810, leaving her family in debt. ... I guess that was their problem then wasn't it?
Unfortunately, Mary's hair also needs some attention. ... There's a spy cam on my lap top???
Unfortunately, Mary was uninspired and did not start writing anything. ... you noticed!
Unfortunately Mary's cooking was rather basic, Was NOT!
unfortunately Mary lacked this quality. ... I lack a quality?? Which quality?? Which??? patience?
Unfortunately, Mary eventually began encouraging Catholic plots Moi? I never did! I swear it! okay, maybe a teeny one.....
Unfortunately, Mary cannot answer any questions at least not correctly.
Unfortunately, Mary's situation is no more unique or unusual oh yeah I am, my mother always said "you are special and unique, just like everyone else"
Unfortunately, Mary's effort went to failure Ah, don't most of them?
Unfortunately, Mary would be co-saviour with Jesus um, or not.
Unfortunately, Mary had shown signs of memory loss When was that?
Unfortunately, Mary was not that impressed by the effort. ... Oh I was, I really was, it's just that my memory isn't what it used to be.........
Unfortunately, Mary earns a D Odd, I don't remember that.
Unfortunately, Mary prefers the company of older men Well, the big guy IS 9 months older than me.
Unfortunately, Mary didn't really have a chance to be flexible, Well, I did have the chance, I just decided not to.
Unfortunately, Mary's story is a common one. ... Oh puh-leeeese. ME common?
Unfortunately, Mary, who has been institutionalized in a private psychiatric ... who told???
Unfortunately, Mary's zebra-covered woven stools, well I had to do something in the psychiatric.....
Unfortunately Mary missed the party due to technical difficulties it was my hair again
Unfortunately, Mary has always been too blinkin' ... yes, yes I admit it, I've always been too blinkin
unfortunately Mary had put on the wrong shoes so she ... hmmm how did I manage that? More technical difficulties I suppose
Unfortunately, Mary doesn't live here anymore because I'm in the psychiatric............
Unfortunately, Mary developed problems with paranoia after ... being in the psychiatric.......
Unfortunately Mary's husband died, and Mary once again assumed men's clothing, ... Well someone had to assume them
Unfortunately, Mary's story is all too familiar. ... I thought it was a common one, that's what you said before
Unfortunately, Mary has better luck snogging the tree ... Well, tree hugging is waaaaaaaaay too trendy for someone like me
Unfortunately, Mary had a little bit too much to drink... it happens sometimes, like when I snog trees
unfortunately Mary fell down before bedtime, ... well, see, I'd been drinking
Unfortunately, Mary is nowhere to be found. ... I guess I fell WAY WAY down huh?
Unfortunately Mary was very tired and out of it is this the drinking thing again?
Unfortunately, Mary had no idea she was in danger. ... yeah, drunks usually miss the danger signs
Unfortunately, Mary was hidden behind the metal post ... had to be a BIG metal post!
Unfortunately, Mary's usual amp is a solid state Fender Deluxe um, all Mary plays is the stereo
Gonna try the Unfortunately game? Are you game!? arr arr arr, don't you love puns?

Digging Out Day

I know I had this up last year too, but we are having the same winter! Besides, it's still funny.

Snowstorm Kyle dumped at least 6 inches on us yesterday.

So to dig out, we needed.........

Shovels.......... here is the lovely Miss V shoveling the steps

A snowblower, can you spot the big guy all the way down the driveway? look closely! I think he was sort of hoping to keep us all snowed in for a day here, he didn't even get his tractor out yet.

Then, look what I saw coming down the driveway next...........

Yup, the Big John Deer from our neighbor.............
that guy can throw some serious snow!
Now I have to decide if I'm going to tell anyone that we are dug out..........
Miss V just voted "NO!!"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Then and Now

These are my new water boots, last Friday. Man do I look tall or what???? Okay, sorry, I got distracted for a sec. My good ole barn boots sprang a leak at some point over the last year, so when Fleet Farm had boots on sale this week the big guy took V and I to go get some. Are these awesome or what? I love the green polka dots!! Miss V got black ones with multicolored dots. I'm pretty sure she will actually wear them to school one of these days.

so, anyway, that was Friday, lots of melting and puddles and

This was today, snowstorm Kyle. Back our with the snow boots.
This was taken while it was still light out, so you can't actually get the full effect of the last of the storm. It looks like we got about 6 more inches, though we have drifts that are too tall for Kona to walk through. She was a bit surprised to go out for her pee walk, and very happy to come back inside.

So, with snow and WIND, it ended up being the perfect time to work in my sewing room.
Last week at work a couple of ladies had been checking out my scrappy red and pink bag. One of them wanted one like it but with red and yellow......
so here it is~

And one of them wanted a blue and brown bag. So I got two of my scrappy happy totes made this weekend. Whew.
I also got a label sewn on the Mountain Baby quilt, here is the link Gizmo~ thanks for asking. http://rachelcox.blogspot.com/
and I got a sleeve sewn on one of my show quilts.
Oh, I made mac and cheese and meatloaf since it was snowing so bad. It was really bad meatloaf too, so I'll think about sharing that recipe sometime here. ;-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Isn't this the coolest vintage pattern? I have never seen one this size before, it's 6 X 10. And now it's framed and up on my wall! I love vintage patterns, I have several more that the big guy has framed for me. He's good at that.

And here is what's on my design wall now. I was able to tear myself away from the cats. I found that if I folded them up inside out I think I will be able to forget their existance for another couple of years.....
anyway, here is my 365 journal quilt, that has been waiting patiently for a design wall.
See, I sort of jumped in to this project without actually planning it like the other 365 journalers did.
I'm kind of a "by the seat of my pants kind of girl" and it does tend to come back and bite me in the seat of my pants, if you get my drift.
Here is the big boy cat checking out the pieces that were hanging onto the floor. I'm pretty sure he was planning some mischief before he was so rudely escoted out the door.
I started this on my birthday in 2007, which is in July, and so it ends in July of 2008. I think I got a bit better at it as I went along, but it's certainly not what I pictured in my "perfect quilt mind". Then again, what do I make that IS? remember the cats?
And now for a finished one, see this lasagne quilt? I made this with Quilts Of Valor in mind. those are the ones for wounded soldiers. I went to the website to see where to send it, and found their checklist of things you need to do before you donate. I won't go into all the hoops here because it just made me downright mad to read it all and I gave up. Then as luck would have it, I was reading another blog about quilts for children in the Appalachian mountains and guess what? They are thrilled to have it! I don't have to make a presentation case, and I don't have to "journal" my quilt!! yeah ladies. I'm glad it will go to make a child warm.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RedGold mail!

So, remember a few posts ago when I gave out the recipe for my chili?
A very cool P.R. guy for Red Gold tomatoes happened across my blog about it and contacted me. What's really cool is that he didn't get mad at me for using their picture, instead he offered to send me some Red Gold merchandise stuff. See, the thing is, I really do prefer this brand. I always used to be a Contadina girl, but I noticed the pretty Red Gold label a few years ago and after trying them out I've been hooked. They do not taste like the can. So anyway, you know it's always hard to believe someone online, but...........
Look what was in my mailbox today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a LOAD of cool stuff!!! I got a great shopping bag, and you all know how much I love bags. A t-shirt that Miss V promised to model for everyone later, a stocking cap, a cool clippie thing, a Red Gold license plate! a cutting board, an awesome cookbook, a keychain, a magnet, and some coupons for some free Red Gold tomatoes! I can't wait to try the recipes and use the bag!! How nice was this?? Jay if you are reading this- THANKS!!!!