Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Second Wedding

Making favors for the August wedding.
If you knew Becky you would totally understand the favors

yes, they are hand sanitizer.

The RSVP cards

Some of the centerpieces for the tables

wooden roses

The bride and groom before the ceremony. He did not actually see her, his groomsmen made sure he sat there and just smiled, no peeking! ;-)

During the ceremony.  something made them giggle.
okay a lot of things made them giggle
See her headpiece?  that was worn by her Gramma Jan, and also by her older sister.
Each of them wore it in a different manner and it looked totally different each time.
her veil has hand beading all around the edge, courtesy of her other older sister, quite a number of hours in that bit of prettiness!

And the fairytale kiss

and another son for us!  two in one summer, WOOT!