Saturday, April 30, 2011

Offline again!

We have been having so many Internet problems lately that I never know if I'll be able to sign on or not.  And it's different stuff all the time!  Little things like a tree falling down and hitting the antenna during the December snowstorms didn't affect it as much as a mouse nibbling on the wires.  Why do they do that?  Do cables and plastic and copper wire REALLY taste that great?  And just what was our brainless dog doing when the rodentia were near the cables outside nibbling?  Chasing some birds out of the spilled sunflower seeds?  Hey, good job Kona!  ARRRRRR  and then there were the other 3 times lately when none of the cable guys were really sure WHY it wasn't working.  sigh sigh sigh.   What is an Internet addicted girl to do then? 
SCULPEY clay to the rescue!
 Little nothings, for no particular reason, except they are fun to play with. 
I made the cupcake for my oldest, and sadly, cupcake obsessed- daughter.  The little green apple was for daughter number 2 who is a teacher.  They kinda look like candy don't they? 

How about that teeny Robins nest?  I know, it looks a bit like candy doesn't it?  hmmmmm
What should I make next?  Ideas people!!  Give me ideas!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

We are all ready for you here at the Green-house! 
The lovely Miss V truly enjoys making cupcakes...........

and decorating cupcakes..........

Happy Easter, Happy Easter everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

pink ruffly spring purse

Spring has been sooooooooooooooooo long in getting to Wisconsin this year, that we are trying to entice it with spring like fabrics.
so, what do you think of the springy purse I came up with?  Rick Rack is a bit like frosting don't you think?

Here's a crummy shot of the handle detail.  I had this little jewelry flower hanging around in my stash of stuff drawer and it just went so good with this purse.   It has no particular function other than cuteness. 

The handles were originally pink webbing, but the lovely Miss V told me they just were not doing it, so I covered them with some more of the purse fabric, and I have to admit, she was right!  Much better!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on the cupcake apron

Here is the cupcake apron modeled by the new owner herself!  hmm, still a wee bit big, but I guess aprons should have a bit of elbow room huh? 
There are still a couple patterns from yesterdays post that are available if anyone wants them. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

spring cleaning at Mare's Nest

I seem to be accumulating an excess of patterns lately.  I can't part with any of my cool vintage patterns, but I have several tote bag and such patterns that are duplicates, or ones I've already made.  So,
I have decided to do a bit of spring cleaning of some of my patterns, and you lovely bloggers are getting the first choice.  If you see something here you want, comment or email me and it's yours.  No money down, no payments, just enjoy. 

This is not a bag pattern, it's an adorable vintage doll pattern that I inherited in a dear lady's stash.  I'm not into making dolls lately so this goes out too.  It would actually be cute to use the pictures for cards or something.

Two wall hanging patterns.

And a redwork pattern for anyone who is handy with an embroidery needle.
Like I said, I'm not selling them, these are free to a good home.