Saturday, October 29, 2011


Little Miss V decorated the house for Halloween at the beginning of October, I am pretty sure this is her all time favorite holiday.  These little guys are lounging in the bathroom window.  Upon closer inspection I was amazed at the lifelike spider behind the laying down one.  Goodness that girl is great at decorating............... seems as though all through the house there are very festive cobwebs and spiders and...... uh, anyone have time to vacuum lately? 
And here we have the lovely Miss V modeling her vintage style pajamas that I made MUCH earlier and finally finished sewing the snaps on.  

And finally some yummy yummy pumpkin bread!!!  Oh this stuff is sooooo  good, it's a wee bit dangerous.   Of course it has a load of sugar and spices in it so it should be! 

PS  to give credit where credit is due, and becaue I know some of you will want to make this fabulous bread, the recipe is from the lovely Andrea over at "under a blue moon"  go visit her blog, you will not be disapointed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Okay, that is totally not French, but I just realized that it's been a MONTH since I blogged.  Ooo la la I am tres busy with this school stuff!!!  Homework, tests, studying.  And of course all the extra responsibilities I didn't have 30 years ago!  Gosh, did I care at 18 if the toilets in the dorm overflowed?  Heck NO!  that was someone elses problem!  (wish it still was)  120 year old plumbing is not a particular joy to live with.  sigh, poor me huh?  Anyway, I am not the head of my class, but I don't seem to be at the bottom either, and that is fine with me. (I'm pretty sure in my mean little mind that the little 18 year old girl that gets EVERYTHING right had about 4 years of French in high school... grrrr)  I have been trying to get my real life people to understand that I can't do everything I used to.............. and I have said no to a few things.  GASP!  Mare say NO to something????  well I did!  (not enough as it turns out)  I will be working on a monk costume this weekend, hopefully there will be pictures to follow.  Meantime............ check out this most AWESOME link of the Eiffel Tower webcame!!!  you can even make it go back and do the last 24 hours, or week or whatever!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!