Monday, April 27, 2009

Is it Spring at Last???

I realize that a lot of my bloggy friends have flowers blooming by now, but here in Wisconsin spring tends to come just a bit later. Especially in the northern areas. I'm not true northern, more like northeastern, but it's still been very slow coming this year.
For a lot of Wisconsinites, the first sign of spring is a Robin.
We spotted Robins about 6 or 8 weeks ago, and then there was a massive snow storm, so that doesn't seem quite right does it?

For some of my other Wisconsin friends, it's spotting the Red Wing Blackbird.
I always thought that was more of a southern tradition, but anyway, they showed up about the same time the Robins did.

For me, since moving from northwest Wisconsin to northeast changed my idea of the first sign of spring.
Peepers! Peepers are these little frogs that live all over our area. I haven't actually seen that many of them, but I have HEARD them! They start in around dark and they are LOUD!!! You would swear they are birds or something they peep by the hundreds, and in swampy areas by the thousands. Millions would not surprise me. I heard the first Peepers, Friday night, so it's official... Spring is here!
So, what is the first sign of spring for YOU?


Cowguy said...

Hey! I got peepers in the basement!

First sign of spring? The smell of agricultural herbicides wafting through the air as they're being sprayed on 2 miles away. Mmmmmmm nothing like good ol' Atrazine to get my juices flowing!


SkippyMom said...

Cowguy that made me laugh! It is sad tho' isn't it? i know that smell.

Our first sign of spring came last week when my lil' pathetic Charlie Brown tree budded and bloomed.


debijeanm said...

It took me about two years to get them to take, but I managed to introduced peepers to my front courtyard pond (a plastic job 3 feet in diameter.) They raised families for about five years, then died off. I miss seeing them but not their song. You're right. They're LOUD!

Quilter Kathy said...

Seeing robins is a big event and the first sign of spring around here.

Finn said...

Hey GF, I remember peepers!! I had forgotten about them. Right out of college we interviewed in eastern Michigan and I must say I had never heard them until then. We have robins, and luckily NO snow, but spring sure is reluctant this year.
A special thanks for your particular comment about my labels. You were absolutely correct. Not sorry that I thought about it, and got input, but in the end, I have to be true to me, and a lot of my blog isn't able to fit into nice neat(and limited) catagories. Big hugs, Finn

Susan Freebery said...

My Confederate Jasmine is in bloom! YEAH!!! I dont have lilacs anymore, being in the south, but I discovered jasmine and it comes close to satisfying my yearning for lilacs!