Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 - thoughts and such

I am loving that it's a new year, it always seems like there is a freshness to life at the new year.  I feel like I can set goals and there is hope of accomplishing them.  If past years are anything to go by, however, I'm probably sadly mistaken.  I am still carrying around extra weight, and I'm not as fit as I planned to be 10 years ago.  Still, there is always hope.
The above books are my inspiration for this year, I aspire to sit and actually read them on a regular basis.  The bottom book is a sketch book and the gorgeous colors in the background are actually colored pencils that daughter number 1 gave me for Christmas.

This has nothing to do with new years.  This is an adorable tin barn toy, probably from the 60's since it looks like it matches my childhood dollhouse.

and this is an even more adorable tin chicken coop.  I couldn't turn either of them down. 

This is a wallhanging that I've been promising the big guy for a while now.  He wanted me to do something to go next to our wine cellar/fridge.  See that stupid wine glass?  The first one I did was so crooked that I gave up after 2 tries and an hour and a half.  Then the big guy took pity on me and drew it out nicer for me and made copies, I was pleased to see how un-crooked this one came out. after 3 tries and several MORE hours................ then I looked at the picture and realized that I put the wine in a stripe across the glass instead of actually IN the glass!  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

so this is where I am headed for the moment.  This is my relaxing corner of my sewing room.  See the snow coming down out the window?  Can't tell?  Well it is, and it was enough that I didn't feel overly guilty calling in for a snow day.
now to think about that dumb wine glass....................


QuiltedSimple said...

Love your wallhanging! Enjoy the snow!!

Keep Stitchin' said...

It was a nice snow day. Haven't heard from you in a while. Looks like you're still keeping yourself really busy, but do the titles of those books indicate life at a slightly slower pace for you??

Susan Freebery said...

I love your wine bottles - did you do the paperpiecing design yourself? Is it done yet? And how was that snowday?