Saturday, April 30, 2011

Offline again!

We have been having so many Internet problems lately that I never know if I'll be able to sign on or not.  And it's different stuff all the time!  Little things like a tree falling down and hitting the antenna during the December snowstorms didn't affect it as much as a mouse nibbling on the wires.  Why do they do that?  Do cables and plastic and copper wire REALLY taste that great?  And just what was our brainless dog doing when the rodentia were near the cables outside nibbling?  Chasing some birds out of the spilled sunflower seeds?  Hey, good job Kona!  ARRRRRR  and then there were the other 3 times lately when none of the cable guys were really sure WHY it wasn't working.  sigh sigh sigh.   What is an Internet addicted girl to do then? 
SCULPEY clay to the rescue!
 Little nothings, for no particular reason, except they are fun to play with. 
I made the cupcake for my oldest, and sadly, cupcake obsessed- daughter.  The little green apple was for daughter number 2 who is a teacher.  They kinda look like candy don't they? 

How about that teeny Robins nest?  I know, it looks a bit like candy doesn't it?  hmmmmm
What should I make next?  Ideas people!!  Give me ideas!!!


SkippyMom said...

You are so cute! and talented!

I did think they were candy - and the eggs are so fabulous.

I wish I had some ideas, but my tea hasn't kicked in yet this morning. I'll think about it tho! Hugs

Keep Stitchin' said...

Very cool!
That explains why you haven't been posting... I was wondering what happened to you...

Jeanne said...

How about a tomato pincushion or a spool of thread? I like to have little sewing things sitting around.

Heather A said...

How cute! I'd sculpt a little MOUSE!

Sorry to hear your having technical woes. Bin dere dun dat. Will undoubtedly be there again.

I just say that I really love what you've done with the bird related items in those glass domes (I can't remember what they're called). LOVELY! I've been keeping my eyes open for some of those to play with.

Susan Freebery said...

I'll say it again - love the nest with the eggs. Really.