Friday, June 24, 2011

good bye old tree

Over the winter with the big storms we had we lost much of our big old pine tree.  We were very lucky we didn't lose it into the side of the house.  It's a bit hard to tell in this picture which I took last month or so, but most of the top was gone and we cleared away what we could.
Then we hired a tree professional to come and take it the rest of the way down since there was no way we could do that without risking life, limb. ours not the tree's, and home. 

So there is is mostly cut up.  Very wet and very sappy so it's going to wait a while before we attempt any wood splitting.

 So, ever find anyone kind of different in your plants?

It happens to us all the time.................


*karendianne. said...

Holy bat monsters I wasn't expecting those hiding in there. Scary!

Bye bye tree. Sorry little birds that needed the tree. We'll be planting replacements. Don't worry. The Green family is very GREEN that way.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Wow! That really let a lot of light into your yard! Good thing it didn't hit the house during all of the storms we had.

Susan Freebery said...

I do find crazy things in my plants all the darn time!! I also am glad you hired someone to help with your tree. We didn't do that when we cut down the first tree in our yard and as a result the neighbors got several new sections to their fence and we STILL had to hire the big boys to come and take down the rest of the trees after I put my foot down (loudly).