Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank you Hodag!

Like all great vacation stops, this one started with the quilt shop here!  What a lovely place to pick up souvenirs!  Fat quarters are so fun, and take up very little space.  Also, when we stopped at a spice shop I opened them up and used them to pad the spice bottles!  The shop owner was very friendly and sweet, so if you ever get to Hodag country, go and see them at "Sew Smart"  and tell them Mare sent you!

Sadly one entire day consisted of..........
sit down please.
the Mall of America
read that with a sort of echo sound at the end okay? 

 Anyone who knows me knows that shopping isn't my all time favorite past time.  But just look at these beautiful floor tiles!!!   I was seeing a quilt here..... Cookie added some human interest with her feet on this one.

Love them all!!!

Luckily I didn't actually trip anyone while I was taking these pictures, or for that matter, I didn't fall off the bench I stood on to get a better shot of this one below.
Yes, I am actually pretty embarrassing to go places with. 

So, the mall to end all malls.  I had not wanted to go because we will be taking Miss V there this coming weekend, but my good friend cookie had never been there and she REALLY wanted to go.  So I told the big guy that if I had to go to the monster of malls twice I had BETTER get lunch out of it.  He let me pick and I chose the Rainforest Cafe.  Here Cookie and I are with our rainforest drinks.  yummy.
Here are the guys with their cokes.  yeah, that's my big guy on the right and Cookies big guy trying to get out of the picture.  Then after I had them take our lovely photo, they saw how it should be done..............
I guess you can see why we married these goof balls can't you?
And a swell time was had by all.


Alycia said...

Those floors would make intricate quilts! Looks like you have had a great summer!

Susan Freebery said...

FUN!!! And when you come to Florida, I will take you to the Rainforest Cafe in Orlando. No, we won't go there. You'll have already done that. We will go somewhere else that has copious foo foo frozen drinks and Corona... yes, that's it.

SkippyMom said...

I hate shopping and you couldn't get me in the MOA, but those floor tiles are wonderful. At first glance I thought it was a quilt.

Sounds like you had a great time and your hubbies are cute. :)

Heather A said...

Fabulous quilt inspiration! Sounds like you're having a super summer!