Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Okay, that is totally not French, but I just realized that it's been a MONTH since I blogged.  Ooo la la I am tres busy with this school stuff!!!  Homework, tests, studying.  And of course all the extra responsibilities I didn't have 30 years ago!  Gosh, did I care at 18 if the toilets in the dorm overflowed?  Heck NO!  that was someone elses problem!  (wish it still was)  120 year old plumbing is not a particular joy to live with.  sigh, poor me huh?  Anyway, I am not the head of my class, but I don't seem to be at the bottom either, and that is fine with me. (I'm pretty sure in my mean little mind that the little 18 year old girl that gets EVERYTHING right had about 4 years of French in high school... grrrr)  I have been trying to get my real life people to understand that I can't do everything I used to.............. and I have said no to a few things.  GASP!  Mare say NO to something????  well I did!  (not enough as it turns out)  I will be working on a monk costume this weekend, hopefully there will be pictures to follow.  Meantime............ check out this most AWESOME link of the Eiffel Tower webcame!!!  you can even make it go back and do the last 24 hours, or week or whatever!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!


Sunnybec said...

Thanks for the link to the Eiffel Tower, I live in France and didn't know about this LOL...the black clouds are heading up there...we have just had hail stones, thunder and lightening.... Linda

SkippyMom said...

I swear I was just thinking about you yesterday and assumed French was taking up all your time. And when I saw the OMG I thought "That isn't French" before I read what you wrote. Heehee - Great minds, eh!

My daughter is going to love that link. She is a Paris fiend.

As for the girl in your class - if she did have 4 years of HS French then it is pretty sad she is in a beginner's class. It simply means she flunked her placement exam - which would have saved her some money in long run.

Bon chance! [I think that means good luck]

paula, the quilter said...

I work in a 100-year-old building so I feel your pain about the plumbing. Add to that pain the cold that emanates from uninsulated walls and you can understand why I knit wool socks. Merci for the webcam link.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Good to hear from you, I was beginning to wonder if you had actually left for France!
The good news is, semesters are shorter in college than in high school!
Bummer on the plumbing stuff! Not fun!

One Gal's Trash said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by...I love your idea of a Halloween wreath made of creepy dolls! And Merci for the link to the Eiffel Tower..C'est magnifique!