Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas countdowns everywhere!

Oh we are all ready for Christmas so early!!!! 
Look at all those ornaments on the tree already!
Bet you are impressed with how well I'm juggling school and family and the holidays huh?

If I happen to mention that these are pictures from last year will you lose all respect for me?
okay, I can live with that.
I thought about just printing these out and hanging them around the house instead of actually getting everything out while I'm trying to write a paper in french and study for two exams.
okay, the paper only has to be 150 words, but we all know me! 

even the cats think I am ridiculous.
okay, fine.  I'll drag out the 81 Christmas boxes and try to get something festive going on around here.
what if I just bake instead?  cookies fix everything right?

I hate it when he looks at me like that.

Now he's pretending he got ran over by an invisible bus.

Fine. We'll have Christmas. 
sheesh, the things you do for the fur babies.


Sheila said...

Love the photos of the cats - especially the last one---run over by an invisible bus... hilarious :)

SkippyMom said...

Oh lordy that last one is hysterical. I love that kitty.

And I wouldn't worry about decorating - you have fur babies to sparkle up the house!

Keep Stitchin' said...

Oh my gosh! I was laughing pretty hard at that last picture! Too funny!

I'm behind on decorating and all this year as well, but I don't have school as my excuse; just got pretty busy with quilt jobs, watching grandkids and other stuff... so this week and next, depending upon when granddaughter #3 decides to make her arival, I should be doing some more Christmas-like activities, one of which is going to our oldest grandon, Ben's, Christmas program at pre-school! Can you believe he's that old already????

Susan Freebery said...

Cookies DO fix everything!! Right after you bake, will you please come here and help me get everything done? I am running seriously behind. HELP!! Oh, and go study.

Jeanne said...

The cats are so photogenic! Hanging photos around is a tempting thought...cookies would do it for me.

Finn said...

Love the pics, Mare, and your sense of humor seems to be in good shape!! Ho! Ho! Ho! Great looking fur babies, hugs, Finn(who is just as far behind without any papers due!)