Saturday, December 17, 2011

SUPER SATURDAY----Super because I am off!! yay!

Oh it's lovely to have a Saturday off isn't it?  I know I have tons of studying to do.  The paper is in and graded, and I have my final to study for now.  Thank goodness I have a day off to study!!  Actually a whole entire WEEKEND OFF!!! 
And I have my very own craft room of happiness to study in..........
um, what is that on my ironing board?  I feel a bout of crafting ADD about to kick in.

Oh yeah, when I take a study break I can finish up that bit of crocheting silliness that I re-discovered the other day...  I think it shall be a nice cozy neckwarmer.

oops, what's that?  oh yeah; a project from the big guy-- ye olde ratty tatty towels to be made into rags.

Well that's a good quick study break.

What's under that bit of crochet silliness?  oh dear, 2 tote bags I meant to make up last fall, and some leaders and enders 9 patches to play with.  Better close my eyes.....

Back to the books.....
What was I doing there?  I don't even REMEMBER starting a dark purple scarf!  When did I do that?

Study Mare.  Study.
oh darn, I really MUST get those stockings made up before the other silliness, yes, a stocking for future son in law #2 and for fur puppy.  Those need to be my first study break project.

oh.  my walking shoes.  Hmmm I seem to have skipped that this morning in my pure joy of having a weekend off.  darn.  Are they sticking their tongues out at me?

Goodness, I have terrible ADD today, there is my Christmas tote that I was going to fix up for my work bag.  I really need to make the straps longer......... I could just stitch an extra piece in at the top to extend them........ and

oh, why is that quilt top out?  Was I doing something with that?

Fleece!  Fleece for a blanket for our bell choir director.  What on EARTH was I thinking?  Why oh why do I always say yes when someone asks if I can finish something?  Don't I ever pay attention to my own unfinished projects?  

And why do I keep starting new projects?  Look at that pretty blue yarn...........  and............
oh dear.  Study Mare!!  Now. Study.

What's on the back of my desk chair?  oh yeah, I was going to make a pretty apron out of that for daughter number 2.  (about 9 months ago) ADD

and under that fabric............ shorts to be fixed for the big guy.  Well, I should be able to push that off for a few months anyway right?  (do not check back on this in another 6 months please)

Study.  Yes, whew, there's my lovely book.  Ahhhh Viola, J'etudie boucoup!

I should put that Christmas bread away.  you know that 6 breads I baked yesterday during a different bout of ADD!  along with easy peasy pretzel candy.

Why is the tree staring at me like that?
It's up, what more does it want?  Really? lights are good right?

Now there is something I might finish..............

Oh fine.  quit looking at me like that! 
and don't remind me again that the half sewn quilt on the design wall has been up there since August.
Cause if you do I'll go back to the last picture and work on that bottle!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas countdowns everywhere!

Oh we are all ready for Christmas so early!!!! 
Look at all those ornaments on the tree already!
Bet you are impressed with how well I'm juggling school and family and the holidays huh?

If I happen to mention that these are pictures from last year will you lose all respect for me?
okay, I can live with that.
I thought about just printing these out and hanging them around the house instead of actually getting everything out while I'm trying to write a paper in french and study for two exams.
okay, the paper only has to be 150 words, but we all know me! 

even the cats think I am ridiculous.
okay, fine.  I'll drag out the 81 Christmas boxes and try to get something festive going on around here.
what if I just bake instead?  cookies fix everything right?

I hate it when he looks at me like that.

Now he's pretending he got ran over by an invisible bus.

Fine. We'll have Christmas. 
sheesh, the things you do for the fur babies.