Friday, June 1, 2012

Quilter of the moment!

Today I am showcasing a fellow quilter.  My lovely sister in law Luann.
You can just barely see her beautiful head there behind this ENORMOUS quilt!

My brother and Lu were married 10 years ago, and I got the idea to make some blocks for guests at the wedding to sign.  I was pretty busy stitching away and I wanted there to be plenty of them.

they had a lovely ceremony in a park in Eau Claire, followed by a picnic reception.  We all did pies for the dessert instead of wedding cake.  It was awesome!
Luann used one of the blocks to make a label.
I still like that block......... I might have to get stitching again.

This is a sampler quilt Lu made also, I love the big graphic look of it! 

And here is one of several table runners she made for her kids and their families. 
You can never go wrong with hand prints can you?  It will be so fun for the kids to match up their growing hands in a few years and be amazed at how little they once were.

What fun stuff, it all inspires me to get going in my sewing room!
(except that what I have to get going on is altering a wedding dress and fixing a veil)
I bet I can sneak some blocks in there though............


Finn said...

Really great quilts Mare! Love the one you gave people to sign, what fun! And to use one as a label, even better!!
I hope your stitching itch gets worse and you just "have to"!!! Hugs, Finn

Kaylan said...

I love the wedding quilt!

Now if only my lovely aunt would teach me to quilt. :)