Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rated V for Violence

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So, the house has been vacuumed, paying special attention to the ceiling corners.  Anyone who lives in the country in August will understand why.

Deeming myself safe I blithely waltzed into the bathroom the morning after said vacuuming.

ugh ugh UGH  that was a gol darn cobweb I just walked oops, waltzed through!

What the heck!  AND 3 long legged spiders speeding their way back up the wall to the ceiling!!!

Grabbing a broom, because I'm brave like that and I need something with a 6 foot handle to deal with these unwelcome critters, I went on the attack...  (this is the violent part)


All the while I am yelling very loudly "NO NO NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE OVER MY HOUSE!  BACK TO THE FIRES OF THE DEEP WITH YOU!!" 

Once there was  nothing left but a miscellaneous leg or two which I quickly discharged to the toilet, I heard the big guy in the other room............

"You tell those spiders Ron"

think we like Harry Potter around here?

1 comment:

JessicaMarie said...

I was debating whether dad was gonna quote Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings...

Sometimes I really miss being in that house for times like that. Then again I can picture this all perfectly in my mind.

In any event you are far more courageous than I am...I have a tendency to run shreaking into the next room and request Mr. Green the Younger to deal with the ickys...

Love you mom