Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn around the Green-house

Some pretty bird eggs that were found over the summer.
Actually those 3 teeny ones in the back right are stone, but the rest of them are all real.
No I did not steal from nests, we had a couple of pretty rowdy storms and a few days after we found several nests on the ground. 

Some pretty colors to cheer one up on a foggy day

The big handsome guy turned the big FIVE -OH this year, so I made him some wine to commemorate the special day!

pretty cotton yarn and crochet books waiting for some fall crocheting weather

yes, another picture of the wine.
because I actually made it.
real wine, and I made the labels too.  Okay the labels were the most fun to make!

My stash of pretty vintage sheets is growing.
I love these things!  just looking at them makes me smile.  I can hardly wait to have some time to turn some of them into a lovely quilt top!

pretty fall mums

hello Kona

Miss V is coming home this weekend!

yes!  driving across the state to visit home!
I'll get an updated picture of her as her hair has has been several different colors since this was taken!

Banana chocolate chip breads.

I love autumn


*karendianne. said...

so happy the pretty things. You made wine?! Sheets of Vintage kinds are spectacular!!!

Melissa said...

Lovely post. Banana chocolate chip bread is one of my favorites!

<3 Melissa