Saturday, November 10, 2012

"November always seemed to me, the Norway of the year" ``Emily Dickinson

November has been a bit November-ish if you know what I mean.

Today it felt like ...
All the leaves are brown....
and the sky is gray...

There is a special subtle beauty in November, once the
lovely flashiness of September and October color is over and
the world becomes a symphony of neutrals.

outdoor projects started

and put on hold as life invariably gets in the way

There is always something that needs doing and it isn't always what a person
thought they were going to do, is it?

heavy clouds

Since I took this picture, this old house has been demolished.
sad, really isn't it?
whenever I see a house in this sort of abandoned state I want more than
anything to go inside and see what it looks like in there
There was an abandoned house kitty corner across the road from my grandparents farm
when I was small.  I remember going inside with my twin aunts.  How cool were they to
let a 10 or so year old tag along?  I remember there were still old
dishes in the kitchen, not in usable condition, but still they were sitting
there, on the table and the counter top.  There was a very old faded
print on the wall above the table too.  Or am I imagining that I remember that?
We didn't touch anything, or rescue any of the dishes or the picture. 
We just quietly went back to grandmas. 

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JessicaMarie said...

This must be where I get it from...I always want to creep into the abandoned farm houses. The one across from the painted silo is especially tempting...
Maybe we will have to go exploring one together sometime...