Sunday, December 2, 2012


Gosh that's a strange word.  I had to double check to be sure I spelled it correctly. 
1. a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives.
2. any difficult or perplexing situation or problem.
3. Logic. a form of syllogism in which the major premise is formed of two or more hypothetical propositions and the minor premise is a disjunctive proposition, as “If A, then B; if C then D. Either A or C. Therefore, either B or D.”
Definitions 1 & 2 serve my purposes best here, definition 3 sounds WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much like my Algebra homework.
I have currently used up "100% of your 1 GB quota for photos".  So, if I want to post with photos-- and a post without photos is not my style-- I can buy more space.
or, I could probably start a new blog.
 I suppose I could delete my older posts to make more room..... Has anyone saved their blog somehow prior to doing such a thing? 
So, has anyone else had this problem?


Paula, the quilter said...

Here are two links for you:

Nancy at Blogging Near Philadelphia had the same problem.

follow the link in her post to: Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Blogger uses Picasa Web Albums. If you go into your web album and choose a photo. In the next screen, choose the "Actions" tab and choose "Edit in Creative Kit". On the left hand side you will see "Resize". Choose that and it drop down a small menu to put your new dimensions into. To keep the proportions only input one size (i.e. change the 1200 to 800 and the other dimension will auto fill with the correct dimension.) Click "Apply" and you are done.

I am slowly changing all my Picasa Web Albums to this size.


Quilter Kathy said...

Yes...I bought more space cause I couldn't figure out what else to do. But the tutorial that Paula mentioned might work.

Keep Stitchin' said...

Haven't had to contemplate that dilemma (yet), but I haven't been very diligent about posting lately, especially with photos. I agree, the photos make it much more fun!

With that said, I just wanted to be sure to wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Most Fantastic 2013!! We will make arrangements to get together one day (Starbucks, something similar??), probably after the holidays would be better?

Take care, Trudy