Sunday, February 18, 2007

Names for the guild

Hmm, it should reflect on the size of the guild, which is.... small. If we spoke French, we could use something sweet and lovely like petite amis. Which, I probably spelled wrong anyway since it's been 24 years since college French class. "One of the Worlds Smallest Quilt Guilds" is fitting, but it's a bit long and not too catchy.
"Ladies who quilt outside the lines"? well, that might describe me, but my cousin is much too particular to let her quilting lines wander.
"Running with Rotary Cutters"? not that snappy either is it?
Ahhh, "the Marooooooon Quilters" Inside joke, remember Bugs Bunny? We could even have guild colors! Marooooooooon and Green of course! and a mascot? A green rabbit?
What do you think Anner??

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