Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow day!

We have had snow days all weekend! Lucky aren't we? Saturday we spent going through photos and slides from my parents. A big suitcase FULL of them! It was kind of fun though, and Jim set up the slide projector so Saturday night we looked through them. There were some from when the kids were very small, (or unborn!). Sunday was another snow day! We went through all my recipes, ones on recipe cards, cut from magazines, (stolen from dr. offices) written in notebooks and on paper napkins. They are all sorted now according to type and Jim said if the snow ever stops he will go to office max and get some 3 ring binders and I will ALWAYS know where to look for whatever I want to cook!! Today is an official snowday, with school cancellation and everything! We worked on the driveway for several hours and Jim is back out there again trying to finish, he just wishes it would stop snowing for a while! I shovelled the walk when he first went out and it was white by the time I got to the end again.
But snow days are lovely! My youngest daughter is making peanut butter cookies, I'm catching up with friends on the computer and then I fully intend to go up to my sewing room and get some serious work done on something.

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