Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patricks Day

When I was a kid, yeah, eons ago- St Patricks day meant that if you didn't wear green you got pinched. I am not Irish by definition, and I hated St Pat's day! It seems to be better now. ;-)
It's Saturday, 3 of the kids are home and still asleep (yippee), my sweetie is at work, and I am heading up to my sewing room before I get sucked into computerland never to be seen again. Honestly it CAN happen! Where DOES the time go when you are surfing? And it's not like we have a great dsl connection or anything, honestly we are still on DIAL UP!! egad and erlack!
My goal is to get something done, sewn, whatever in there that is picture worthy so I can publish something here to take the place of the snowlady who is a teeny pile of snow in the front yard now. Hmm, spell check thinks that computerland and erlack are not words! who-da-thunk?
I got some star blocks done for my music baby quilt! woo hoo! The colors aren't as bright in the picture, but I can't tell if that is my monitor or the camera.
Well, it's a good start and I'm happy!


Quilting Kim said...

Love those bright colors in the star blocks against that dark background. I'll have to stop back and see how you are going to put it together.

swooze said...

Your blocks look great! Can't wait to see the final product!

Leigh said...

Your star blocks are great I love the fabrics

Nancy said...

Love those bright star blocks.

Shelina said...

These are gorgeous star blocks - such brights. I really liked your story about the smallest quilt guild. I have one here as well.

Jennie said...

I have so much trouble using brights. These are gorgeous!! Makes me want to try some myself.