Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still not too many signs of spring here, so I'm posting the bunny who lives with us. Hopefully he will be in his outdoor habitat soon! Nigel is a bit unusual, we think he is blind in one eye, however since he isn't awfully cooperative with vision tests it's kind of hard to tell. The veterinarian who took care of him after an unusual medical situation last summer said his eye was gone, so we started calling him our pirate bunny. The whole family wanted me to make him a little quilted eye patch! However, once his scabs healed up we found that he did indeed still have his own eye! Seems as though we can never have a normal pet.
Yesterday was one of those wild spring days I think we only get in Wisconsin. We broke temperature records, I think I saw 81 degrees, but the Wisconsin part is that there was still snow on the ground in a number of places. Of course everyone was wearing shorts and tank tops and having a great time, and then whammo, just like we all figured, it's windy and cold today. Mother nature likes to tease us like that.


Leigh said...

He's cute. I love rabbits.......especially chocolate ones! :-))

swooze said...

Cute bunny!