Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Vanessa

Not much quilting getting done this week. I just have not felt like doing much of anything. But today is Vanessa's fourteenth birthday and I am going to shake myself out of the lethargy and get a lot done!
Hear me roar! ;-)
Okay, I got cupcakes done! We went through my cookbooks trying to decide what type of birthday cake to make her. I was silently hoping she wasn't going to pick some fancy thing that would take a lot of talent because as you can tell I am not a cake decorator! She got the idea to have cupcakes and she wanted that mix that has the confetti in it. Gosh can we get easier? Gotta love that kid! And, she was thrilled that they said her name! Oh I do sooooooo appreciate simple pleasures.
Speaking of simple pleasures, I was going through my fabrics......... and I found some fabric that I had picked up a couple weeks ago that has blond dog heads on it and a lot of them look like Tundra. So, anyway I want to do something with it for all of us, any ideas out there? I could make the little zippered bags that I do for the shop, or I could make mug mats, but if anyone has any other good ideas I'd really like to hear them. I would love to do pillow cases, but there just isn't enough. I have one yard of this fabric, and it was on the clearance rack at the time I got it so I doubt very much there is any more to be found. I suppose I could use it for the cuff on them, but I hate to cut it up too much and lose the pretty pictures. Dilemmas!

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Kathy Wagner said...

Could you make little pillows for everyone with the amount of fabric you have? I'm going to try to do that this year...pillows. We'll see how far I get!