Saturday, December 8, 2007


A few posts back I was explaining the Christmas stocking quilt. ( and yes Flori, it does weigh a ton, but then it will pin small children and cats down so I can get something done right?)

Anyway, I'm showing the stockings I made. First we have my husbands Santa stocking. Jim loves old world Santa's, especially in colors other than red.

Next we have daughter number 2's stocking, she likes all things oriental, also her name is Melissa which means honey bee, thus the bee fabric on the bottom.

Here we have daughter number 3's stocking, she loves polar bears, I had this cute panel from something, a vest I think, but of course that would have been waaaaaaaaay uncool so I turned some of it into her stocking. Next to it you can see my little Christmas totebag that I am carrying to work this December.

Now daughter number 4, the one you see the most on my blog. She was very into pink and purple and the nutcracker when I made this for her. Last year she wasn't too sure it was still "her" but when I offered to change it out into something more teenager-ish (is it a word?) she decided she loved it and didn't want anything else. Gosh, that is sounding familiar! I would have probably had to put it on the quilt!

So here is my stocking and a little Santa hanging that I made the same year. Mine has camping and cats, and teapots and a piece of some really neat fabric that had cool quotes on it.

And one more thing to show, this Santa tote bag I made for Vanessa for part of her birthday present. She liked my Christmas tote so much that I thought I'd make her one of her own.

In case you were counting daughters you may have noticed that number 1 is missing. I'm not exactly sure where her stocking is, daughter number 1 is living in Texas at the moment and it may be there, or it may be out in the storage shed with the rest of her things. Oh well, life goes on and on right?


atet said...

Love those stockings -- and yep, even if you are older, it's just not right to change stockings! That would be why I still use mine from when I was a baby!

Kim said...

I love all the stockings. Only DH and I have handmade stockings- the kids don't,and they don't want them either :(
They used to have matching stocking till Alex got into them one Christmas Eve looking for the candy. LOL - well we can laugh now- but we had some pretty upset kids Christmas morning that year,
My mom had a beautiful set made for all of us when we were all little many moons ago. But she won't let any of us have them :(
She said she likes them all together - reminds her of when "we" were all little....and she doesn't even fill them anymore.