Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catch up!

Oh my gosh, after having 4 kids you would think that getting a dog would be easy! Hah! This is like having another kid!!!
I'd like you to meet my personal trainer, Kona. She is certainly making sure that I get my walking in every day! This is a plus I had not counted on when we discussed getting another dog. She is also on occasion helping me with my upper arm strength. You have to understand, Kona LIKES the cats. Kona REALLY wants to PLAY with the cats. Kona is 10 times bigger than the cats and the cats do not think this is a good thing. Cassie, the 6 pound head of the household is completely ignoring her, while Zeller, the 15 1/2 pound wuss is totally freaked out. There are times he puffs up bigger than a basketball! The dog is currently consigned to the back hall until a truce can be made. sigh!

Here I am with Kona at Doggie school. Actually it's not so much dog training, as it is owner training. I have to admit she is pretty good at most of the things we are learning, I'm assuming she has already had some training. She will "STAY" for a while. She understands Sit, Heel, and a few others. She really is a good girl and we are very lucky to have her.

Meanwhile, here is Cassie who feels that all dogs are waaaaaaaaaaaay beneath her notice.

And here is Zeller relaxing once the dog is back out of the living room! Is he weird or what? I still can't believe he lays on his back like this. It just looks wrong!

I do have a bit of a life other than pets, not much, but a bit. The other day we had a few minutes before a dr. appointment so Vanessa and I went through Goodwill kind of quickly............I got the cute casserole dish for meals for two! Of course I could NOT turn down the Greenapple!!! The itty tea cups are being turned into pincushion holders, the little snowmen guys and the candle sticks came with the cups. oh well, I'll think of something for them. I'm not sure you can see it but I also got a cute shirt that has fish on it to make into a summer totebag, and there is a pair of Chinese looking fabric pants that are going to become a little bag!

And then of course there are muffins! ;-) Blackberry, YUM!

I also made a batch of chocolate chip mini muffins for Vanessa's class because they were all begging for bites of hers from her lunch, but I didn't think you needed to see those............. well okay you asked!


Gina said...

Don't worry too much about Kona and the cats. Once she's been swiped across the nose a couple of times she'll leave them alone.

love and hugs xxx

Susan Freebery said...

Kona looks so cute standing there with you! That is one weird cat laying there, however... We must talk about Zeller's strangeness later.

Catherine said...

Oh, good grief -- Zeller relaxing just cracked me up! Our Smudge will lie on his back but Zeller stretched out is too funny!

Kim said...

Yes, Zeller is a very odd kitty! ROFLOL! My Spike lays on her back, but not completely stretched out like a dead cat! It DOES look "wrong" somehow! Love your thrifting finds. I found myself in Goodwill again tonight. Now that the crowds from the BIG SALE are gone, I was able to browse a little more leisurely and found three wool sweaters (purses-to-be) and a red wool blazer (wool for quilting/applique). WOO-HOO! And gosh darn it! I was thinking a week or so ago that I should look for little things to make into pincushions--did I remember that? No! Not until I saw your post! Guess I'll have to go back soon!