Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well we discovered some new things about Kona this Memorial Day. She does not like mannequins or marching bands. I'm pretty sure one of the nasty ugly mannequins made eye contact with her so she was fully justified in barking and lunging at the store window. I did hope to actually SEE my youngest daughter play however. Good thing there were two other daughters along so they could take pictures and show me what I missed! Here we have our bass drum playing nun again! She loves doing this! And there marching right next to her is daughter number 4. These are their new uniforms, don't they look sharp?

Here is Kona pretending that she likes her Kong. She is settling in a bit. Now that she feels more comfortable around us it seems to be okay (in her mind) to bark at the cats more. sigh! She is still keeping my exercise program going quite well! ;-)

These are one of my favorite sights at my house. My white violets from my great grandma. Grandma had a teeny little cottage with these growing all around it. To my child eyes it was the most charming place in the world. Grandma was an awesome woman. She always wore jeans, this was before women wore jeans, she gardened and cooked and baked on a wood stove. She could actually bake a cake in that stove, it is still so amazing to me! She attempted to teach me to tat once, but it was a hopeless tangle of knots.

And here we have the --- ta da--- FINISHED Green Dream!!!!!


Susan Freebery said...

Yeah V!!!! You look marvelous, Darling! I soooo wish I could have been there to see her march. I would have been the loudest fan on the street!

Love the Green Dream - love the inscription even more. You are a wonderful person, Mare Green. Simply wonderful.

Kathy Wagner said...

Congratulations on your finish! What a generous gift!
How did you quilt it?

Helen in the UK said...

Lovely quilt - congrats on your finish :)

La MaƱosa said...

What a nice quilt! I love green and the colors you chose work nicely together. Congratulations on completing it!

Leigh said...

Well done on a great finish!

Susan Freebery said...

Every time I need to smile, I come to this post to see the bass drum playing nun! Mare, I can feel her joy. How wonderful is she!

Minou said...

I like the green quilt. Glad you had photos of the parade to view.


Finn said...

Hey Mare, love the white violets. I've seen them growing wild, but not often. Aren't we the lucky ones, here in WI, to have so many varieties of violets, and so easily found.
Personally I love the Johnny Jump Ups that appear so very often in wild places.
Love the finish...great job on that quilt...onward! Hugs, Finn