Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Snow day today! I think it would have been much easier if the T.V stations had listed the schools that weren't closed instead of the ones that were. Or, lets be reasonable, just close everything down and everyone stay home! yeah!
We got about 8 inches. Not bad. See the snow cap on our grill? Guess we should have gotten it in the garage sooner huh? ;-)

A few days ago, a sweet package arrived from Gizmo girl! she sent animals for the gingerbread farm!!
Here they are Giz, all snug at their new home.

What do you think? Maybe next year we need horses huh? and a cow or two?

Since it was an unexpected (sort of) day off I mixed up my traditional Christmas bread. It's based on German Stollen. I like to braid the dough to make the loaves prettier than just rolling it out and folding into a half circle sort of arrangement.
Here we have the eggs, milk, butter, and dried fruit! I add dried pineapple and any other nice yummy fruit we find. So, not exactly traditional, but "our tradition".

Here is the dough raised nicely on the radiator. There are some benefits to living in a 100 year old farmhouse! Radiators are surely one of them. They dry mittens and boots, and make cozy spots for cats to sleep too.

A big loaf and 3 smaller loaves for giving to friends.
Two big loaves for friends with families. I freeze these and then thaw them out and drizzle them with white icing before we gift them.
Two more large loaves. I made a REALLY big batch since I had the time today!
One of these will be ready for Christmas morning when we get home from church. We have this with juice and coffee while we open presents.

One for us to test out first............. We have to make sure it's safe for friends. Right?


Gina said...

I love the smell of fresh bread cooking. I've got to put some in later today

love and hugs Gina xxx

Chris said...

Yummy, reminds me of my childhood. I just ready another Wisconsin blog that is predicting 125" of snow this winter. I guess I better get a head start and shovel the roof of our old farm house.

Kim said...

Two questions,
what mold do you use to bake the gingerbread? I've been looking at the Nordicware one. and secondly can you share the recipe for the bread? Pretty please...

Susan Freebery said...

I LOVE making bread! OH OH OH, we must do something about the miles...

Gizmo said...

Look at them!!!! They look so happy.
I do see your farm growing next year!

Gizmo said...
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Kathy Wagner said...

Oh my goodness...you are such a domestic goddess!!!