Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

In honor of Friday the 13th here is a black cat not crossing your path. The dopey look on his face is from his catnip high. oddly enough he didn't fall off the ironing board.
Friday the 13th....
Once upon a time I worked as a seamstress in a bridal shop, and every Friday the 13th one of the ancient sales ladies would drag up this ratty looking cat cut out from the bowels of the building and put up a "Friday the 13th Sale" ugh ugh. I never really noticed that it was that great of a sale. Perhaps she just liked the black cat? Perhaps she was actually a witch and it was her way of letting her coven know the party was on for that night? I mean, what else could she have been? The only sweet roll she would eat was a prune filled one!
Oh I do digress.........
Lately I've been working on my scraps, attempting to reduce the plethora that is threatening to overtake every available container and corner. I did dump a load at the guild meeting last night. I"m not sure how many people fell for them because I left before it was over. Still, it was a start. Right now I'm doing some wonky log cabins in red and pinks. I guess Valentines Day really got me going on those colors.

Speaking of which. I won one of the block lottos at quilt guild last night!!! Not surprising I guess since I made 4 of the 10 blocks that were in the drawing! Still, I went with 4 blocks and came home with 5 so I'm not complaining. My good friend Trudy said she was really relieved that I got them since I have nothing going on in my sewing room. yeah, most of my friends are smart ___'s.

But of course she is totally forgiven anything since she let me have this ADORABLE baby quilt for the project Linus!!! Check it out Flori!!! Isn't it precious??

She didn't have any plans for this one, just wanted to play with four patches. She plays nice with fabric!!

And here is a really bad shot of one of my project Linus quilts. Honestly it does look better in person!
Miss V and I are going to work on some more of them on Sunday. Too bad there isn't a football game to distract the big guy. Oh well, maybe I can convince him to get going on my design wall. That's the parts for it leaning up behind the ironing board in the black cat picture. I am really WANTING my design wall!! I must convince him. Another pie perhaps?


QuiltedSimple said...

Great project Linus quilts! Have a great Friday the 13th and Valentines Day!

Susan Freebery said...

I love love love the project linus quilts! You are the best friend ever! As far as the pie motivating the Big Guy, I might suggest following up with a Snickerdoodle if you really want to get your way. Go check your email.

em's scrapbag said...

Project linus quilts look great as do your red and white creations. Good luck making a dent in the scrap bin. If your like me it is a hopeless cause. But fun to try.