Friday, May 29, 2009

$22.00 for TWO CUPS OF COFFEE?????

Alternate title, "what was I thinking?"
" Do I EVER think?"
"The real cost of going green."
"Don't skip the first cup of coffee"
Sigh. so $22.00 seems a bit high for two cups of coffee. I realize that. However, and you knew there WOULD be a however-
I was on my way to work, and (gasp) I had forgotten to bring a travel mug for my morning stop for coffee.
I know this probably doesn't seem like much of a big deal, but you see I have been trying to NOT use disposable cups. As a point of fact I have only used THREE of them since last September. So, you see, it's getting to be a sort of challenge for me.
Since it's a bit of a drive from where we live (the middle of nowhere) to work I had plenty of time to think this out.
I had some options:
1. Skip the coffee--- no good, not today. I had missed my first cup at home and I was working at my biggest work site today, plus there was that physical therapy appointment at noon. Definitely NEED coffee.
2. Just use a damn disposable cup. Certainly a possibility but, well, you know the but. Only THREE since LAST September.
3. Stop at the local gift shop that also makes coffee and happens to be next door to the hospital (my work site for the day) and get (another) travel mug.
Choice 3 was the most tempting, and if I keep the travel mug in my work bag............... no one (read that as husband) will have to know that I bought yet another.
Yes! Okay, option 3.
Find a nice looking travel mug. Explain to the nice lady at the counter that I'd like it rinsed out so I can get coffee in it. As she is rinsing it out, I say "well, I think I'll make it an iced latte instead". She rinses the cup and lid and while I am gazing dumbly around, she makes the iced latte, and hands me the (gasp) disposable cup with my latte and the clean cup for a coffee!!!
Yikes! Not that two coffee's is a problem, but this just totally destroyed my reason for BUYING the travel mug.
So I pay for the nice mug, a coffee refill, and an iced latte in a disposable cup. FOUR disposabel cups since last September. sigh.
I sorta feel like I'm in a Seinfeld episode.
I guess that's okay, unless Kraemer comes sliding in the door without knocking.


tami said...

Oh man, that's so disappointing. :(

SkippyMom said...

Can you compost the cup? That mitigates being given it by the clerk, right? [I am being serious! :)]

Sorry it is at 4 :( - but looks like you have enough coffee mugs to avoid this problem, one for home and one for car/work.

We love ours.

Pat said...

Well...your intentions were very *green* even if the coffee clerk didn't realize it! :)

Cowguy said...

Well Mare, you know I go through life with a carbon footprint the size of Detroit... I ain't the least bit green, but what I wanna know is... how was the iced latte?


Susan Freebery said...

Oh, Mare. That is hysterical. I love that you aren't using disposable cups! You make me so proud! I am ashamed to admit that I used to buy the sleeves of cups and lids from our local grocery store - not stryophome at least - and I ran out of them and decided to start being a bit green in the coffee department. I just hate those plastic "to go" cups. I finally got a ceramic one with a plastic lid from a co-worker but it doesn't fit into my cup holder in the Bug. Being green isn't easy..... HEY! Isn't that a song? ...It's not easy being green.....

Sweet P said...

Thanks for the laugh! Like you, I try very, very hard to avoid disposable cups and plastic bottles. DH bought me a wonderful travel mug for Christmas. I use it every time I leave the house.

QuiltedSimple said...

You crack me up! At least your intentions were good.

Quilter Kathy said...

That was hilarious!
You are a Seinfeld episode!!
All that effort and still a disposable cup...I am LOL!!