Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Last (I think) of the Gingerbread Houses!

Here are the last of the gingerbread houses!
This is almost-daughter Kim making her Kayak Cottage!
She couldn't come for the big shin dig at Thanksgiving since she had to work so I saved one for her.
Wouldn't you kill for that gorgeous red hair?

Kim took Miss V to a kayak demonstration and fun time at a local pool in the morning.
Then she came by and played with the gingerbread house fixings and spent some time with me.
Love that kid!
Here is her gummy bear kayaker!
Isn't he the cutest thing???
and her blue and green river?
She had to make do with what was left of the blue candies, and there wasn't much!

Meanwhile Miss V worked on some homework and then she finished off the last house! After doing her bright bright rainbow bright house last time, she decided to go for a subtler approach.
Totally adorable! and the house is cute too! Now I'm going to pack away the gingerbread house tools til next year! (maybe...)


Susan Freebery said...

I do not believe for one moment that this will be the last of the gingerbread houses for the year.... some lost little orphan will come along, who has never seen this done, and you will whip out everything and more that is needed to make a Gingerbread McMansion! I know you too will, Whiskey Girl.......

Chris said...

I love to see all the creativity that has gone into these houses. You ladies must be having tons of fun.

em's scrapbag said...

How fun and creative!

Quilter Kathy said... have the most creative little gingerbread decorators in all the land!