Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I'd sing the rest of that song to you, but I don't actually know the words except the oh Christmas tree parts.

Is there anyone who doesn't love a Christmas tree? Well if there is, they can just go on to another blog because I wanted to share some pictures of our trees.

We have a lot of vintage mercury ornaments that I just love. A lot of them are from my parents stash of ornaments and many more are from Jim's grandmas trees.

The pine cones in different colors are some of my favorites.

I can remember hanging them on every tree we had when I was growing up. Well, there was the one year without a Christmas tree........... no, not even as cute as the TV special. One year my mother decided we didn't need a real tree, she would just put little lights and plastic oranges on her citrus tree. She thought it was ingenious and refreshing. I thought it was embarrassing and dumb, but since Santa was coming I didn't mention that!

This one isn't mercury, and it's not expensive, but it could be termed vintage!This is my all time favorite ornament. It's been hung by it's points so many times that it now has to be clipped on the tree with a clothespin! On the back my mother in laws handwriting says "Jim kindg. 1967" How special is that? Jim would not hang it up each year, but I do!

Here is our second tree, we take turns decorating it each year in the dining room.
It seems to have a Santa hat as a topper this year...........
hmmm is it going to be a Santa theme tree?

ummmmmmmm, no. It seems at some point in the past 365 days we have somehow misplaced the top portion of this tree! I have no idea how this happened since it has it's own box and all the Christmas stuff goes in ONE closet!!! How do these things happen????


Chris said...

Merry Christmas Mary! Beautiful ornaments!

Susan Freebery said...

HA! You never mentioned the mercury glass ornaments! That all that's on my tree! I have been collecting them for years. I have tons of Christopher Radko, and a few old ones I have found through the years. I also have a few special ornaments that I love so much I hang each year, but 95% of my ornaments are the mercury glass. This is starting to border on freakish...

Rebecca Lois said...

I can totally explain the missing top...Santa took it back to his workshop to fix it. He was going to return it on Chirstmas Eve but you had two naughty daughters who would not go to sleep, so he didn't bring it back. ;)

Quilter Kathy said...

I love trees too. We have a 26 year old artificial tree and every year we go cut down a pine tree for the rec room, so we are both happy!