Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'd like to introduce everyone to the lovely Miss V
Ta Da
Miss V has been fairly interested in my quilting blog buddies, so today we created a blog for her.
Please go visit her at
and say hi!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's not my fault!

I have now been sucked in by facebook too! I am totally blaming Miss V and Flori our officer in charge of coffee. Flori bribed V with some sort of nonsense totally unknown to me, and the next thing I know Miss V is on my laptop accepting things and making me a password. Then... Viola! I'm on Face book!

first it was blogging, now it's facebook. If you hear the word twitter ( or see it typed by me) please please please just SHOOT ME!!Honestly, all these things just suck you right in!
Computers and the Internet........... addicting! I remember our first computer. I was totally against spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on that thing. And of course in retrospect it was a big waste, anyone else remember MS DOS???? I hated that thing, I had to write down a list of how to get into any files, and then there was that pale green and white striped printer paper!!! ARRR of course, it was really pretty advanced compared to what we had at college in the 80's. My campus job was tour guide and I reveled (truly) in walking perspective students along the cat walk past our TWO story high computer which took up an entire building!! Gosh it was soooooooooooo impressive! Anyone else remember punch cards? that was another campus job. Not for non technical students like me though. So, yeah, I know how old I sound when I am agog (did you ever think I'd be able to work agog into a post?) at how times have changed so fast. okay, maybe 26 years isn't EXACTLY fast............. but in the greater picture of life, it's a blink.

Oh, the pictures? Aren't they pretty? Don't you love fall? Besides anyone who reads me, knows I really don't like to post without pictures. ;-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Countdown! 8 days to Retreat!

Yes! It's that time again, retreat time!!!!
yeah yeah and happy dance!
These are pictures from last fall, but I'm sure it will all look just the same.
just as beautiful,
just as soothing,

Just as wonderful as ever
I love the architecture
I love the stonework
I love the roof lines
I love the plants
I love the peace
I love that it's a silent retreat and I don't have to make small talk

I love the river
I love the trees
I love that it's time just for me...............
8 more days.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Did you ever feel like not exploring anything deep? Just the fluff on top was good enough for you? Sometimes life just hands out too much and it's time to breathe and think about random stuff. And sometimes Windows Vista just ticks me off and I want to scream. But screaming is kind of loud, and obnoxious, and well, it doesn't even show up all that well on a blog

so... in lieu of screaming I'm going to randomly show some pictures.


I love clouds.

Does the term soulful mean anything?

This one always makes me smile.


Miss V took this one.

I love how the waves look so soft.

The girl has an "eye"

I really like the perspective on this one.

Kind of makes me want to twist my head around....

or perhaps just life makes me want to twist my head around?