Friday, April 2, 2010


As soon as the weather turns to spring, or really as soon as we all get spring fever here we start thinking about camping.
Our favorite camping spot is just outside of Iron Mountain Michigan.    That's in the Upper Penninsula, or the  U P as it's called around here.   U  space P, not up.   And the folks who live there are callled Yoopers.  Yeah it's a midwest thing.  Anyway, imagine my absolute delight to find out that one of my quilt-blog neighbors is a Yooper!   It can't get much better than camping and having the opportunity to meet up with another quilter!  I can't wait for camping this summer for lots of reasons now!  Her delightful blog is here:   Go visit and tell her Mare sent you!
This top picture is an early morning on the river, the mist is so pretty and calm before everyone gets up and starts going.  One of my favorite times of day.  Of course any time of day is my favorite when I'm camping!

This is the big guy getting pictures from the river. 
here is the view from the bottom of the damn, we can portage our canoes or kayaks down next to it and then paddle downriver.  This always sounds fabulous, but we discovered that paddling back UP river is pretty strenuous! 

Up river from our campsite, that's the front of my kayak.  I love the birch trees reflections in the water.  Monet used a kayak type craft to paint some of his water pictues and that has fascinated me since I read about it.  He must have been pretty coordinated to do that.  I keep thinking about how I would put a small easel on mine............
And one of my all time favorite pictures that the big guy took.  We love watching for Eagles on the river.  From the time the kids were small they all knew to look up often to watch for them, and we all would trot down to the river if anyone yelled "EAGLE!"

Lets go camping!!!!


Keep Stitchin' said...

Awesome, Mary! Happy Camping!

Chris said...

Oh my gosh Mary. That eagle photo is awesome!!!

Susan Freebery said...

...big sigh...I might even consider a camping trip with you... well, I would try to consider a campig trip...ok, may just think about trying to consider a camping trip with you all... big sigh... who am I fooling. We would have such fun at your house sewing instead! Yes, just think about that!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Wow - beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go camping soon too! I just had to stop in and say "hi" because I am from Wisconsin too - and you don't see that many bloggers from Wis! Anyway, I grew up in Cedar Grove, north of Milwaukee..... and wished I quilted, but have never done that! And am also friends with covered porches. Our son went to Michigan Tech, and we used to LOVE to camp at McLain State Park, north of Houghton, Lake Superior was just across the road from the campsites, it was wonderful! Now that he has moved we miss it! Well, have a great week!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane