Monday, June 14, 2010

They annoyed Pluto too................

If those adorable little chipmunks by the impossibly cute (hack hack) names of Chip N Dale are one of your favorites, perhaps you shouldn't read any further.
Remember how they drove poor Pluto up the walls........ literally, UP the walls?
The real life ones drive our poor Kona nearly up the walls also.  She spends hours, seriously hours, watching the trees when they are out and about in the yard.  One day we had to actually DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG her into the house to get a drink of water and rest for a bit.   She hates them, they make her crazy, and even though they are younger and supposedly faster than she is........ she has managed to "get" three of them so far!  You go girl!  There was a time I thought they were a bit on the cute side to, however stealing the bird food and making a mess of my baby plants has cured me of that.

yeah, point and laugh guys, just remember, as of today it's:
black lab -----------------3
cute little chipmunks---- 0


Vicki W said...

Three cheers for Kona! Can she come to my house to help with the groudhog and bunny explosion?

Susan Freebery said...

I agree! Can Kona come stay for a bit and handle my squirrel issues?