Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another great retreat!

I was back at St Anthony's last weekend, so no sewing for me, but here are some pictures to share...

Seriously, could the sky have been any bluer?  I did not enhance these at all!

Love the roof lines on the old section of the monastery.

A volunteer came while we were there and brought pumpkins.  A truckload of them!

View from the upper balcony.  Too bad about the power lines.

It has been such a wet summer in Wisconsin that there are about a zillion varieties of mushrooms everywhere.

I could have taken more pictures, but my camera decided it needed a retreat too.  sigh.


Susan Freebery said...

WOW! This is the season I miss the most - fall. And you are a very talented photographer. How wonderful..... but, no sewing? Not even hand work? Certainly, someone must realize the devil's work is done by idle hands...

Rumi said...

Great photos Mare. Love the mushrooms--as long as they are not in MY lawn!