Thursday, September 2, 2010

some sewing at last!

I have had this fabric since I inherited my mothers fabric stash a few years ago.  I loved the way the two florals play off each other and I always thought it would be a pretty peasanty type blouse.

Turns out I was right! 
Here are the somewhat peasanty sleeves.  See that lovely edging?  That is hand made tatting!!!  Not by yours truly, trust me on that one.  My great gramma tried to teach me once but all I managed was a very impressive knot the size of a small cat.  She gave up. 
Happy blouse!  And see the necklace?  That is my favorite necklace of all time. Miss V bought it for me at a handmade shop, it's a piece of broken china and the chain is totally adjustable and has a green glass bead hanging off the catch.  I love that thing!!!


*karendianne. said...

Beautiful. Oh so lovely my friend, timeless...

And I just love that thing!!! as well. :)

(PS: great photo of your lovely smiling face.)

Rumi said...

Nice blouse! Looks comfy and pretty too.

Susan Freebery said...

You are gorgeous! Fabulous shirt, wonderful model! We soooooo need to get together to sew! I want to make shirts with you!