Saturday, May 26, 2012

One teeny little toady

The lovely Miss V has been a big fan of frogs and toads for her entire life.
She is one of the few teenage girls I know who will run after them in order to hold them or find them a better home.

Last weekend when I was moving the lawn I spotted this little guy trying to get away from my loud machine.  I knew miss V would want to see him and put him somewhere safe so I captured him and called her out.  (it could be noted here that I had on gardening gloves becuase I am not as fond of the "feel" of toads as Miss V is.

She was completely thrilled with him and spent some time holding him and capturing his handsome features on film.

Notice the very girly fingernails?  Prom was 2 weeks ago and the nails were still intact.

Kind of an interesting juxtaposition:  French nails and a toad....

Yes, that's my girl.

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Susan Freebery said...

Love the toad!!! Love the nails!