Monday, May 7, 2007

challenge for May

The subject for May for the online challenge group was language, and here is my version. I'm not sure if I even like it right now! ;-) It's funny, things go around in my head, and I play with them in my notebooks, but often when I get to fabric they end up evolving into something more. I'm showing the back as I kind of liked how the quilting showed up on the back more than the front. The pieces are supposed to be 8 X 8 and I started out with about 10 X 10 in case the quilting pulled it in too much, and I had the design going all the way out to the edge, now I wish I hadn't trimmed it so much and had just left it at 10 X 10 because I think the design was better. It feels a bit discordant to look at, must be the way I feel right now with my job hunt! The other thing I remembered from doing this, is that I am still not too crazy about quilting with metallic threads. I like how they look on art pieces, but I prefer to be able to just let fly and not worry about all that darn breakage!

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swooze said...

I like your quilting and the quilt. You could call it "Lost in Translation".